Understanding How To Choose Remarkable Flowers For Valentine's Day



Understanding How To Choose Remarkable Flowers For Valentine's Day


Selecting the perfect flowers for Valentine's Day is a thoughtful and meaningful way to express your love. The language of flowers is universal, but choosing the ideal flowers can sometimes be a daunting task. To help you make the right choice, here are some tips on selecting the perfect flowers for Valentine's Day.

In this guide, we'll help you navigate the world of blooms, offering tips on choosing flowers that resonate with your feelings. Whether you're in Los Angeles or elsewhere, The Hidden Garden is here to assist you in creating a bouquet that captures the essence of your affection.


1. Plan Ahead

First and most importantly, remember that Valentine's Day is a busy time for florists, so planning ahead is essential. One year, The Hidden Garden sold completely out, so order your flowers in advance to ensure availability and avoid last-minute disappointments! This will also give you time to compare different arrangement ideas and varietals of flowers.  


2. Know Your Recipient

Before you start browsing a wide variety of flowers, it's important to consider the recipient's preferences. Take their personality, style, favorite colors, types of flowers, and any specific blooms that hold sentimental value into account. Are they more traditional, or do they prefer something more unique? By understanding their taste, you can choose flowers that suit their individual style. Tailoring your choice to their tastes adds a personal touch and shows the recipient that you put thought into it. 

Bonus points: Add a personal touch to your bouquet by incorporating the recipient's favorite flowers or by choosing a flower that holds a special meaning for both of you. You can also add a handwritten note to make the gesture even more memorable. 


3. Consider the Language of Flowers

Each flower carries a particular meaning, so choosing flowers that convey the right message is crucial. Red roses are the traditional choice for Valentine's Day, symbolizing love and romance, while some types of lilies are best for funerals. Take a step further by reading our blog, The 5 Most Romantic Flowers for Valentine's Day, to help you understand the meanings behind each flower and help you confidently choose flowers that reflect the emotions you want to convey.

Bonus points: Incorporate Seasonal Blooms. Opt for flowers that are in season for a fresh and visually striking bouquet. Seasonal blooms are often more readily available, ensuring the highest quality. The Hidden Garden can guide you in selecting the best seasonal flowers for your Valentine's Day arrangement.


4. Weigh Your (floral) Options 

Explore different flower arrangements if you want to go beyond a simple bouquet. A carefully arranged bouquet or a flower arrangement in a vase can elevate the beauty of the flowers and make them even more impactful. Choose the style of bouquet that best suits the recipient. Do they appreciate classic and romantic arrangements, or are they more drawn to modern and vibrant displays? If you need more guidance, choose one that matches their style. The Hidden Garden offers a variety of bouquet styles in addition to our Valentine’s Day selection to help you create the perfect memory for you or your loved ones.

Bonus points: Fragrance can enhance the overall experience of receiving flowers. Request specific blooms in our Designer's Choice option with captivating scents like roses, peonies, or sweet peas. The aroma will add a sensory element while creating a lasting impression.


5. Opt for Fresh and High-Quality Flowers

The Hidden Garden works closely with our growers to offer you the freshest floral arrangements all year round, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Freshness is crucial when choosing flowers for any occasion, no matter where they are bought. If your budget allows for single stems or store-bought arrangements, follow these tips for a quality floral gift:

  • Select flowers that are in bloom and have vibrant colors.
  • Look for petals that are not wilted or browned (unless they are on roses, specifically! These are called “guard petals” and help protect them in transit).
  • Check the stems for any signs of damage. For example, if the bottom is brown, the bloom is most likely waterlogged).
  • If you are personally adding them to a vase, arrange them how you want outside of the vase and give them a fresh cut just before placing them in clean, lukewarm water. In addition, always use the flower food in clean water. This will ensure your gift lasts longer and helps make a lasting impression!


Choosing the perfect flowers for Valentine's Day involves a thoughtful blend of personalization, symbolism, and aesthetics, which is why we adore offering hand-crafted arrangements to choose from. In the event that our arrangements online sell out, don’t panic! You will always have the opportunity to personalize an arrangement under “Designers Choice.” 

Still need a little help? The Hidden Garden, your trusted Los Angeles florist, is here to guide you in creating a bouquet that perfectly conveys your love and captures the essence of this romantic celebration. Explore our range of blooms and arrangements, or work one-on-one with an expert florist to make this Valentine's Day an unforgettable floral experience.




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