4 Reasons Why You Should Always Send A Note With Your Flower Arrangements



The Power Of A Handwritten Note


Flowers are truly the perfect gift for any occasion, for any reason, and for any recipient. Flowers cover all celebratory circumstances, from a "congrats on the new baby," to "welcome home," and even "well done on the work project," type casts.

We've all seen it, too. The bouquet of flowers sitting on a table at a restaurant, or in the office break room. Sometimes it's from a colleague, sometimes it's from a secret admirer. But no matter who it's from, we're all guilty of picking up that flower arrangement and admiring the beauty of its colors, or inhaling its sweet scent—and then moving on with our day.

However sumptuous our flower arrangements are, the pièce de résistance of any bouquet is the accompaniment of a handwritten note.

We are well aware that we are living in the digital age. With our extraordinary technological leaps by mankind, we've somewhat imbalanced the time we use to take on everyday habits. In a time when everything is condensed into a text/email, placed into automation, or delivered straight to our door, it all seems..well, lacking. Convenient, of course, and often time-saving, but still missing something.

A bouquet of flowers is an earthy, natural yet luxurious gift. However, to make your considerate gift shine beyond impressive is to attach a handwritten note.

It seems the practice of handwriting notes is a lost art, yet there are studies that prove their power! Couples have been studied and reported feeling more satisfied in their marriage by receiving handwritten notes over the course of two weeks, as well as studies on those who aren't married that have felt more connected to those around them and even felt more connected to nature!

Here are three reasons why you absolutely should attach a handwritten note the next time you send out flowers from The Hidden Garden: 


  1. Statistically speaking, handwritten notes and/or cards are opened and responded to more than any other methods (think emails, etc).

  1. In this digital world, it's easy to send a quick email or text message without giving it much thought. But taking the time to sit down and write out a thoughtful message shows that you care about the person you're communicating with. Whether you're thanking a client for their business, sending a congratulatory note to a colleague, or just reminding your Mom how much you love her, a handwritten message will always make a positive impression.

  2. To go alongside #1 and #2, when you don't include a note with your flower arrangement, it can make a fantastic gift a touch impersonal. It could also leave the recipient a little confused- why did you send them at all? Take the extra step to show them that this was a purposeful gift and not a last-minute panic send (we've all seen those cringey movie scenes).

  3. There are countless benefits to sending handwritten notes, both for the sender and the recipient. It's been shown that writing by hand improves memory and retention. Studies have also shown that people who receive handwritten notes are more likely to remember the contents of those notes than if they had received them electronically.

Think about it. As gorgeous as our bouquets are, they will eventually wilt and likely be tossed into the compost. But you know what will remain, magnetized onto the front of the fridge at eye level? Your personalized note.


Examples of our daily deliveries

In a time when everything is moving at the speed of our wifi, we've forgotten how to slow down and reflect. Writing a note is something that takes time, effort, and consideration- all things that we might put on the back burner when overwhelmed with our calendars.

When it comes down to doing something nice, no matter how small it may be or how little time it takes, you're making a statement by taking the time to put pen to paper and write kind words. It's a minimal effort with maximum impact, and that is a winning combination, one I think we can all agree on.

Send a Hidden Garden Flower Arrangement and personalized note today!

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