Flower Subscription FAQ

Our Flower Delivery Subscriptions and video tutorials offer a flexible and fun way to bring flowers into your life as a great DIY activity at home. We've answered some of the most common questions about our Flower Subscriptions to help you understand how it works.

Who assembles your Flower Kits?

Hidden Garden Founder and self-proclaimed flower fanatic, Amy Marella hand-picks each week’s Bucket of Blooms arrangement informed by the season’s best offerings and an artist’s eye.

The Bucket of Blooms subscription provides you access to top-quality flowers often only available to the pros!


What will I receive with my Bucket of Blooms?

Your Bucket of Blooms arrives at your door bursting with the season’s best curated selection of loose flowers. Freshly trimmed flowers are ready to arrange and arrive in a bucket filled with water and flower food. This pro-level prep ensures your beautiful creations stay at their peak for longer.


What is the difference between Bucket of Blooms & House Blooms?

A Bucket of Blooms subscription is best for DIY-designers that want more guidance from step-by-step video instructions from Amy Marella. You will receive your bucket of seasonal blooms delivered on Thursday, and a video tutorial delivered right to your inbox.

If you’d rather create and arrange with your own fantastic inspiration, the House Blooms subscription provides the same pro-level selection of seasonal flowers, but gives you total control to use your blooms in any way you see fit!



Yes! Our tutorials are designed for the skills of any hobbyist or budding florist with a passion for flowers and an interest in floral artistry!

Amy started out just like you, loving florals and no professional background. Amy’s passion and commitment to consistent practice and learning are what made The Hidden Garden what it is today, and what allows us to continue to share that knowledge with other flower fans like you!



Not exactly sure what you'll need?   To get started, here are a few basics to start designing with the tools and materials you might already have at home.  

For Each design you'll need: 

* a strong, sharp pair of shears (Tool Kit available to add on to your subscription purchases) 

* Access to water.  Flowers are nothing without their H2O! 

 * a clear, flat surface weather it be  a dining room table or kitchen counter 

 * your  Bloom Bucket with water so you can have a place store your flowers while you work with them 

* Trash Bags (for clean up) 

* a spray bottle (to keep your finished designs happy and hydrated) 

* Floral Oasis Tape ( optional and also available to add on to your subscription) 

* Chicken Wire ( optional and also available to add on to your subscription) 

* Floral Oasis  ( optional and also available to add on to your subscription) 


Can I change my delivery date?

Yes, you can.   Our Bucket of Blooms are delivered on Thursdays just in time for you to enjoy before the weekend.   If you would like to switch your delivery date to another week, please login to your member account to change your order by 3 PM PST the Sunday prior to receiving your order the following Thursday.  Deliveries are ONLY made on Thursday's for the Bucket of Bloom & House Bloom program.  


Can I make my Bucket of Blooms a recurring order?

Of course! Who doesn't love more flowers?  We offer subscription options for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly orders.  Each week you will receive a new, fresh curated selection of seasonal blooms right to your door.  


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express 


How do I cancel, pause or skip my order?

If you would like to cancel, pause or skip your order, please login to your member account to Manage your Subscription.  Don't forget that all changes need to be submitted before 3 pm PST the Sunday prior to your scheduled order  


Do you deliver your Bucket of Blooms outside of Los Angeles

To keep our quality top-notch and ensure the freshest flowers possible, we currently offer deliveries to the Los Angeles metro area only. If you’re still interested in learning how to arrange amazing floral bouquets with flowers you source yourself, we encourage you to check out our online membership Bloom Academy.