The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Tree Decorating

The Hidden Garden's Insider Guide to Christmas Tree Decorating. Your Step-by-Step Design for a Simple, Stunning, and Stress-Free Holiday.

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Monarch Beach Resort: The Perfect Spot For A Dream Wedding

Enchanting, bold beauty with a soft, romantic touch. That's what this couple had in mind when booking The Hidden Garden for their dream wedding. Continue Reading

Hidden Garden Guide | Prepping for Autumn Florals

The seasons are slowly changing, and with them, so is the flora. Fall brings a new set of blooms to work with, but it also means that our favorite summer flowers are fading fast. Use these 3 tips from The Hidden Garden to effortlessly create the perfect autumnal arrangement.

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Happy 4th of July: Decorative Edible Flowers To Garnish Your BBQ

Happy 4th of July: Decorative Edible Flowers To Garnish Your BBQ   If you're hosting a barbecue for the Fourth of July, then some festive flowers might just be the perfect decoration for your table. A lot of people don't... Continue Reading

5 Easy Tips on Caring for Fresh Peonies

  5 Simple Steps to Make Your Fresh Peonies Last Longer   Fresh Peonies are perfect for a summer wedding or event (or just for a weekday home refresher). But did you know that caring for fresh peonies is different... Continue Reading