Intimate Weddings are IN...Bigger doesn't always mean Better

When you think of the ultimate wedding, a big soiree with all the glitz and glamour of dancing the night away surrounded by sea of smiling faces might come to mind. While big, elaborate celebrations are truly magical, there can... Continue Reading

Wedding Postponed?  Things to consider

The latest news to the banning of large gatherings is affecting couples across the nation in the lead up to their wedding day. After months of planning, decision making, and excitement, many are finding themselves asking: what do we do now? As wedding... Continue Reading

How to Choose a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. We would know, we've been providing beautiful wedding flowers in Los Angeles for many years! For most of our bubbly brides, it’s their first time planning a wedding and they don’t have a clue... Continue Reading

Flower Colors and Their Meanings

Thinking about sending a flower delivery in Los Angeles and wondering what colors to choose? The colors of the flower bouquet you choose can send a meaningful message. Although we don’t really believe in rules, we thought to share some simple... Continue Reading

Discovering The Ranunculus Flower

Ranunculus may give your tongue quite the twister but they are surely easy on the eyes. These Spring Blooms are a favorite of ours here at The Hidden Garden for their diverse colors and delicate looking petals.  Continue Reading