Your Guide to Professional DIY Flower Arrangements


You've been looking left and right for the perfect way to create professional-looking flowers at home. Whether you need some office inspiration or just a spark of joy in your dining room, we have AMAZING news!

The Hidden Garden in Los Angeles, California offers a local, hands-on subscription service called Bucket of Blooms that helps you become the floral designer we know you can be!

So what exactly is it? Our Bucket of Blooms is a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly subscription service of select flowers delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Choose from our Premium Blooms or House Blooms, which are delivered in custom buckets filled with water and flower food. Within each bucket, we select the freshest seasonal blooms from locally sourced farms and farms around the world.

Alongside the arrival of your curated collection of beautiful flowers, we will provide you with an online video class with our founder, Amy Marella, who will guide you step-by-step through the floral design process (not available for House Blooms). 

And that's it! It's truly that simple! If you find yourself short a pair of shears, floral tape or vases, we also have those in stock for you to round out your designing experience. 

Our Bucket of Blooms experience has been one of our favorite things to do for our local LA community and we have plans to expand our membership online this year! So follow along on our social media to be the first in line and we'll see you soon!

Check out our main site for more details here!


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