What A Wedding Appointment with the Hidden Garden Looks Like

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Do You Hear Those Wedding Bells?

Weddings are coming back into full swing right now and we are just as excited as our couples! We are really looking forward to sitting down with you this coming 2021 (and if you're the organizer/planner, we are accepting appointments for 2022).  


So, you're freshly engaged to the love of your life and we FINALLY are ready to open the country back up. We know what that means...party time! Before we hop on that reception-bound party bus, we have to schedule an our initial floral appointment! After that, it's cake! I quickly broke it down so you know what to expect when you walk in the door of The Hidden Garden.

What to Expect from your Wedding Appointment:


1. First things first- we have to schedule the appointment!

2. Once you've set your appointment with us, sit down with your partner and discuss what your floral budget range might be. We are open to flexibility, exchanging particular flowers and thinking outside-the-box but having a starting/ending budget will help everyone involved!

3. Appointment Day! Bring questions, concerns and inspiration (this can be a Pinterest board or printed images). You can expect our meeting to run about 1- 1.5 hours long.


4. After our initial meeting, we'll send you over a proposal with everything "line- itemized" so you can see how things add up.

5. Secure your date with a deposit. We only take one wedding a day, so be sure to lock that date in! 

And boom! That's it!

2 Months from the Wedding:


About 2 months out from the wedding date we set up a viewing. During this second meeting, we show you the floral centerpiece, rentals if needed, etc. It is s a full viewing and helps you really understand how things will look and feel on your wedding date!


2 Weeks from the Wedding:


At this time, we finalize your guest count and make sure we have everything in order! Let the party commence!

Throughout the process we are always available to hear ideas and questions. Sometimes things need to evolve, so we really like to keep your proposal fluid until we get to the sample meeting...you never know what pics might inspire you!



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