The Power of Spring Blooms: How to Welcome in Vibrant Florals


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The Power of Spring Blooms:

How to Welcome in Vibrant Florals

With spring only weeks away, now is the perfect time to lay the groundwork for a beautiful homecoming. With vibrant spring blooms in mind — such as fragrant sweet peas from Japan and stunning ranunculus from Italy — our talented design team at The Hidden Garden has hand-picked some of the most exquisite colors for you to welcome this fresh new season of flowers. Open your metaphorical windows to the sunshine with distinctive floral designs that emphasize luxury and style.

After learning that sending (and receiving) flowers is a studied science, your next thought might be, "what kind of flowers make the most impact?" That answer can be deceptively complex, however, we can all agree that a home full of vibrant, fresh flowers is exciting. Choosing seasonal florals feels as if we are bringing ourselves one step closer to spring.

While we adored crisp whites, lush greens, and pops of hearty and colorful berries, we couldn't be more thrilled to be receiving the soft pinks of Japanese sweet peas, the beautifully bright varietals of Italian ranunculus, and the sunshine petals of Daffodils.

Our sweet peas arrive directly from Japan, although it is said they originated from the Mediterranean (the history of floral is truly fascinating!). Named after its sweet fragrance, sweet peas are one of the most popular and well-known flowers. Their long, trailing stems make them perfect for fresh-cut bouquets and centerpieces. Ranging from soft, delicate pinks to burnt orange and marbled purples, our sweet peas are a delightful addition to any arrangement.


Ranunculus season is just getting started in Italy, and we get so excited about the quality, size, and selection of blooms we receive from them. The amount of varietals is breathtaking, from tightly wrapped petals of the Cloony Elegance bloom to the bi-colored, ruffled colors of the Cloony Pon Pon. They are truly the peonies of the spring season, if you catch our drift. You will always go right with any ranunculus selection- just remember to be gentle with the fragile stems!


Lastly on our list of early springtime florals are our daffodils, brought in from Holland. An ancient, beloved bloom, daffodils were adored by Romans and used as a healing plant due to their sap when cut. Now, a symbol for spring, we see them constantly, thanks to different varietals blooming in stages. This first wave will bring in hardy Trumpet and Large Cup varietals, the former having white petals and a soft yellow cup and the former creating yellow petals alongside a bright orange cup.


Flying our blooms directly to The Hidden Garden each week allows you to receive the freshest florals from around the world. While springtime sunlight spills into our homes, match the new energy of the season by revitalizing your space with fresh, colorful blooms.

Call and order your springtime bouquet today!

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