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Image of a Ranunculus flower

Ranunculus may give your tongue quite the twister but they are surely easy on the eyes. These Spring Blooms are a favorite of ours here at The Hidden Garden for their diverse colors and delicate looking petals. The first time I saw them, I thought they looked like a tea rose and a peony had a love child that resulted in the perfect mix of colors and gorgeously feathery petals. (Tea Rose and Peony sitting in a tree….K-I-S-S-I-N-G…)…

Walking through the Los Angeles Flower Market early in the morning, listening to the hustle and bustle of the growers, buyers and sellers, I love to pick out the new flower kids on the block. Sometimes my investigative skills are rewarded and I spot something like the ranunculus varietals from Italy and now even local Southern California growers. These newcomers were popping up in between the classics, begging for me to come take a peek. These new varietals include Cloni  Ranunculus and Pon Pon Ranunculus and we are loving them both!

Ranunculus are often called the “Riviera of Flowers” hailing from their inspiration and creation off the Northern Coast of Italy. Traditionally ranunculus only been available during cooler, Spring months and were nearly impossible to find in Summer and Fall. These limitations are no more thanks to so many new microclimates and growing techniques, we can see them available almost year round (thanks, science!). Look for these blooms from November to March because even with floral innovations, ranunculus do not enjoy the super-hot summer months.

Another few interesting facts about this unique gem. Its bulbs (or technically, corms, but let’s not get lost in semantics here) are cloned in a laboratory. I agree, that’s a little Frankenstein-esque. But unlike Shelley’s monster, these bold, bright beauties being created in a lab is the only similarity. You can actually grow these yourself and purchase the bulbs online. Don’t be afraid of what these gems look like prior to planting because the bulbs certainly belie what will sprout in about 8 to 12 weeks.

If you’d prefer to get your hands on these beauties already grown and you are not in the local Los Angeles area, you can have them shipped to you from popular sites like Fifty Flowers. Make sure you hydrate them as soon as you get them though to keep them in showstopper condition. Due to their increasing popularity, you might be able to find them in your local flower shop or even grocery store.

So whether you are growing these, picking these or requesting these from your favorite florist, keep alert for the standard ranunculus classics and the vibrant new varietals as well. You will not be disappointed by their blooming endurance, vibrancy and their overall happy, groovy vibe.

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