Are Micro-Weddings Worth It?



Micro-Weddings: Is It For You?


Ahhh, Spring is in the air, hope is on the horizon and love continues onward! Proposals have come to fruition and weddings are in motion but with things still uncertain, it can be difficult to decide what to do next. Can you host 50 people or will it change again? Are no masks acceptable if you're outside? Is it too late to plan a wedding??

Here’s What You Need To Know

At the Hidden Garden, we understand the delicacy of planning a large wedding, even on a normal day! As we continue into 2021, however, we are receiving more and more requests for "micro-wedding florals." Yes, that's right! Elopements have been upgraded. So what’s the difference?

Micro Weddings are intimate gatherings of no more than 50 guests while still featuring the aesthetics and traditions of a full-day wedding! Elopements are the smallest scale you’re able to do; typically with no more than 20 guests.

Here’s how you decide on if a Micro Wedding is right for you.

  • Will you be less stressed with fewer people at your wedding?
  • Do you get overwhelmed with too many options (or are too easy-going to decide)?
  • Do you love focusing on the little details and really go "all in" there? 
  • Would you rather have a small ceremony with a large gathering afterward?
  • Would you like to have a smaller bridal party (if any at all)? 
  • Is your wedding day about celebrating you and your future spouse or is it about partying with those who celebrate you?

Ok, Tell Me More

Here are the 4 investments I believe should be your main priorities when planning your micro-wedding day (or any sized wedding for that matter).


  • Wedding Planner

  • Whether they're with you the entire planning process or they're just Day-Of planners, they keep you in check and organized! Even if you're choosing a smaller wedding, you need to have a the "brain of the operation" working the timeline so you don't need to worry about any hiccups. They also come in handy when you have a hard time choosing between options- they really are the crème de la crème of running your day smoothly.

  • Florals

  • I may be biased but florals are the easiest investment to add into your day that will truly spruce up your aesthetic! Meet with your florist, go over your favorite color palettes and find a budget that works for you. We always suggest a bouquet (or a flower crown for hands-free accessibility), table centerpieces, and ceremony florals (such as arches, chuppah, or flower back drops). Check out this clients micro-wedding floral arrangement we did last year!



  • Photographers

    No matter what your budget is, one of your investment should always be with your photographer. This is, without a doubt, the thing I hear most frequently from clients who waited last minute to choose theirs. Always start with your photographer.

  • Food

  • How could we not include food? If you’re choosing a larger-scale wedding or a micro wedding, everyone still needs to eat at some point! We suggest asking your wedding planner for helpful tips as they will offer great selections for your particular wants. Restaurants are always a great option too, if you have a favorite! Remember, a good meal is always something your guests will enjoy.

    So Now You Know...

    whether a micro wedding is for you and your spouse! The next (and nearly best) step is starting to plan your day.

    • Check out local Facebook wedding pages if you’re in a rut looking for a photographer that you connect with.
    • Give Hidden Garden Flowers a call and let us help your day bloom into everything it deserves to be!
    • If you’re stuck on affordable food, check out hiring a local food truck close to your venue/ceremony location! It may be a cheaper option for your budget and is a unique food experience for everyone involved!

    Let me know if this was helpful and make sure to check out our website or call us for any wedding floral needs. Happy blooming!

    Amy Marella



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