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Monarch Beach Resort: The Perfect Spot For A Dream Wedding

The Hidden Garden - A Floral Guide Series


A Dream Jewish Wedding at

Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point



Images by Jenny Quicksall Photography


Enchanting, bold beauty with a soft, romantic Italian garden touch. That's what Carina and Jordan had in mind when booking The Hidden Garden for their dream wedding on October 22nd at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California.

From the start, the details of the ceremony were absolutely stunning. From the gorgeous chuppah with its bespoke floral canopy, brimming with eucalyptus, roses, and hydrangea, to the captivating aisle arrangements and bridal bouquet, no detail went untouched for these perfect wedding florals.

These details were carried over into their reception space, where guests enjoyed dinner under a lush barrel vault of olive greenery, blushing dahlia, and dusty roses, accompanied by decadently lit chandeliers that perfectly complemented the mood. Others savored in the delicate shades of pink and gold tables while looking upon the gracefully adorned head table.

The couple's love for each other was unmistakable as they shared their first dance under a ceiling of soft light and fairytale-like larkspur. 

Dreaming of your own breathtaking wedding florals? Click HERE to have The Hidden Garden Team take your dream wedding flowers and make them a reality.





Florals: The Hidden Garden

Photography: Jenny Quicksall Photography

Creative Director: Natalie from A Good Affair

Venue: Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort


Hidden Garden Guide | Prepping for Autumn Florals

The Hidden Garden - A Floral Guide Series


Hidden Garden Guide 

Prepping for Autumn Florals



Hello, Autumn


The seasons are slowly changing, and with them, so is the flora. Fall brings a new set of blooms to work with, but it also means that our favorite summer flowers are fading fast. This can be worrisome if you're not familiar with the different types of fall flowers—but it doesn't have to be! With these three quick tips from The Hidden Garden, a luxury flower shop in Los Angeles, you can be on your way to effortlessly creating the perfect autumnal arrangement.


1. Know your flowers


Knowing what flowers to use is an integral part of creating any arrangement. Roses are popular for most occasions but sometimes look a touch out of place among crisp colors or darker hues. Instead, try looking for these more fall-appropriate (aka in-season) options:

  • Asiatic Lilies

  • Chrysanthemums

  • Dahlias

  • Sunflowers

  • Flowering Kale


2. How To Care For Your Arrangement


Caring for your arrangement before you even begin arranging is of the utmost importance. These few steps will help extend the life of your bouquet by up to 2 weeks!

  1. Start with a clean vase and add room temperature water, followed by half of a packet of flower food. If you don't have any flower food, use just a drop of bleach. This creates a clean environment for the flowers to thrive; otherwise, a vase without it might collect bacteria that will kill off your arrangement.


  2. Don't put them in yet! Set your flowers to the side and clean them up. If any leaves or petals start turning brown, remove those immediately. Some flowers (like roses) might have a guard petal to protect them during travel and should be taken off.


  3. Almost there- before putting them into a vase, give them a fresh cut and insert them one by one into your clean water. This new cut gives them the greatest chance of being able to soak up water.


3. Know your aesthetic


What are the colors and textures you're going for? This will help you pick out the perfect blooms. As a Los Angeles florist in Autumn, we love textured berries, such as p berries and seeded eucalyptus. Of course, fall leaves are quintessential and an excellent detail to use as an accent.

Next, find vases and containers that match your color palette. It’s not about what looks good in-store or online—it’s about ensuring it works well with your arrangement and personal space!


Are You Ready To Arrange?


We hope our tips have helped you start creating your first arrangement of the season. It’s important to remember that everyone has their style and preferences, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Tag us @hiddengardenflowers to show off your Autumn Arrangements or call us to help you create an arrangement with Los Angeles flower delivery.

Happy 4th of July: Decorative Edible Flowers To Garnish Your BBQ

    Happy 4th of July: Decorative Edible Flowers To Garnish Your BBQ


    If you're hosting a barbecue for the Fourth of July, then some festive flowers might just be the perfect decoration for your table. A lot of people don't realize this, but you can use edible flowers in your cooking — both as ingredients and as garnishes. In fact, people have been eating flowers for hundreds of years, and it's a great way to add color, fragrance, flavor, and variety to your dishes. Here are nine of my favorites:***


    1. Borage: Borage has blue or pink star-shaped flowers with a cucumber flavor. The leaves taste like cucumbers too! You can use borage leaves in salads or sandwiches instead of lettuce leaves, or use them as a garnish by placing them on top of cakes and pastries before serving.



    2. Chive: Chives have green leaves with purple flowers that taste like an onion when chopped up (but without the harshness). Add them to salads or use them as a garnish on burgers or sandwiches.



    3. Dandelions: Young dandelions have yellow blossoms that taste like honey when eaten fresh (not dried). They're also packed with vitamins A and C! The greenery and petals are both great in salads but if you feel creative, use them in baking.


    4. Nasturtium: These red, orange and yellow flowers have large edible petals that are peppery and spicy (comparable to arugula). Add color and crunch when sprinkled over pasta and salads. Try mixing them with tomatoes or cucumbers for an extra burst of flavor.


      5. Calendula: Commonly known as marigold, has golden-orange petals and has light citrus and bitter zing with a floral aftertaste. Good in soups, herb butter or sprinkle them over salads (also works as a great moisturizer ingredient).


    6. Pansies: Pansies come in a variety of colors, including fuchsia, yellow, orange, and white. They are slightly sweet but lean a little more on the earthy side, which makes them great additions on fruit or green salads or as garnishes for meat and deserts!



    7. Lavender: Purple in color, this is technically an herb but a very popular one! With its distinct floral taste (with hints of mint and rosemary), this option is great in lemonades and drinks as well as in baking. The purple color looks great with red, white and blue foods as well.



    8. Chamomile: You may sip chamomile tea but did you know you can eat it too? Unmistakable with its dainty white petals and yellow center, tea drinks worldwide know chamomile to have a slightly bitter yet sweet taste. Use in baking, in salads, or as garnish (or a simple yet beautiful arrangement for your table!).



    9. Hibiscus Flowers: Hibiscus flowers come in many different colors including red, pink, orange, and white. They boast a tart, almost cranberry-like flavor that can be used in teas, lemonades, or cocktails but also make beautiful garnishes for cakes and other desserts.



      In this article, we hope we have introduced you to some edible flowers that you can use to decorate your 4th of July barbecue. If you enjoy experimenting with the taste of flowers, try out of Bucket of Blooms program next! We wish you a happy and safe Independence Day celebration.



      ***while eating wildflowers and garden-prepared florals isn't a new concept, it's best to do your own research with due diligence concerning your own health. If you have any concerning questions, always confer with your doctor!***

      5 Easy Tips on Caring for Fresh Peonies


      5 Simple Steps to Make Your

      Fresh Peonies Last Longer


      Fresh Peonies are perfect for a summer wedding or event (or just for a weekday home refresher). But did you know that caring for fresh peonies is different than caring for different cut flowers? Though a fresh peony can last up to ten days, it's important to keep in mind the following five tips on caring for fresh peonies so that they can look beautiful and last longer.

      So, you just got home and have your peony bunch in one hand and an empty vase in the other.


      Here are 5 easy tips on taking care of your fresh peonies.


      1. First and foremost, always clean up your blooms. This usually looks like taking them out of their cellophane carrier and laying them out on your floral station (AKA the kitchen counter). Then, potentially rinsing off any sap or dirt from the blooms, removing the leaves off the stems, and carefully taking off any guard petals.

      1. Fill your vase with lukewarm water. If you use hot water, you'll risk destroying the stem tissue of your flowers, which causes bacterial growth (the Bouquet Killer™). Even worse, heat typically causes flowers to shed their petals more quickly! However, you could use warmer water to your advantage. Need certain blooms to open faster? Try warmer water instead of lukewarm...just not hot!


      2. Here's a fun fact you probably didn't know: flower food does NOT help flowers grow! Makes sense but weird that it's been marketed that way, right? Flower food helps create clean water that will be free of bacteria, which in turn helps the flowers last longer and bloom in a more natural, wholesome way. Allowing bacteria to grow in your bouquet will kill it quickly, so giving the bouquet flower food and fresh water every few days will help it thrive for weeks.


        Bonus tip!


        If you don't have the time to go grab flower food for your arrangement, use a drop of bleach to replace it. This will keep your vase and water clean and help your bouquet last. Truly just a drop is all that's needed!


      3. Now it's time to design (everyone's favorite part). It's a top florist secret to always give your flowers a fresh cut. What's this mean exactly? It means to give each flower stem a fresh cut before inserting it into your vase- so you're setting up your stem for the best absorption possible. Need to rearrange something and have to take out a stem or two? No worries; simply figure out its new placement, give it another small and quick cut, and put it in its new place. 


      4. Like most fresh flowers, stashing them in the fridge or outside at night is a guaranteed way to help them last longer. But you can take the trick a step further with peonies. Try cutting fresh peony buds while they're soft, wrapping them in newspaper, and storing them in the refrigerator until you're ready to use them. They won't open up in the fridge, but you can preserve them for an extra day or two if you need them to last.



      With our advice, you can hold off droopy flowers for as long as an extra week! Each of these five tips should extend the lives of your cut peonies for you to enjoy, so make sure to implement them before your next purchase!



      Always Keep Blooming,