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During both 2020 and 2021, the rules and regulations demanded the creativity and flexibility of every hopeful nuptial. But during these endeavouring years, it allowed them to figure out how to whittle down guest lists, create a timeline that allotted relaxation and ease, and slowed everyone down enough to truly celebrate their day; together.

So it should be no surprise to you, moving forward, how relevant intimate weddings stay.

Intimate wedding ideas may surprise both you and your spouse, just as it did for this groom, 

“It was a 2020 wedding with 18 people, unlike any wedding I had ever attended. The result though, was an incredibly intimate experience, at a single table, where every person was able to create a genuine memory with every other person there. It was magical."

Whether you choose a large scale wedding in the future or create an intimate wedding, take inspo from this gorgeously romantic wedding located in Santa Barbara, with florals from The Hidden Garden.


Taper candles outlined the floral centerpieces throughout the table. A tablescape small enough to fit on the terrace held the reception where guests were able to wind down the night, overlooking incredible views.



Our beautiful bride walked down a romantic vanilla swept aisle, carrying a bouquet of roses in ivory and pink, accented with fresh greenery. Lanterns adorned the isle with similar bouquets and rose petals sprinkled onto the ground. 


A breathtaking floral chuppah was created with an enchanted garden feel and the couple exchanged their vows under the ethereal ivory rose bunches.



The couple and their closest family sat at a single table for their intimate wedding reception. Added candles gave a warm glow, twinkled lights suspended above and the florals (ivory, pink, and burgundy colors) created a beautiful setting on the terrace and the conversation was able to be had from end to end.
Although it may have been possible from another location, this private wedding affair was able to savor their reception looking over the views from the Pacific Ocean and Santa Barbara mountain outline due to the intimacy of their numbers.
If you didn't believe in small weddings before, we know you do now. Give The Hidden Garden a call to set up your intimate wedding consultation call today!



These talented wedding professionals made this event possible:


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