How to Keep Hydrangeas Hydrated



LA floral designer shares her tips for making thirsty hydrangea flowers last and last!




Amy: "I'm going to teach you a couple of our tricks on how we make sure our hydrangea stays nice and perky!

Sometimes when you get your hydrangea heads, they are actually a little bit soft at the top, which means that they are not hydrated all the way. And this is if you have a fresh stem of hydrangea, not something that's been around for five days and it got soft all-of-a-sudden. This is for if you got them straight from a flower shop. 

So, we will take our hydrangea and we will dunk the entire head of hydrangea in water (fresh). And we'll let it sit there for about 15-30 minutes and let all the water hydrate into the head of the hydrangea. 

Once you've done that, you're going to pull it out and then you're going to give the stem a fresh cut. Next, take your hydrangea stem and dip it into alum, which you can find in your spice aisle in your grocery store. Finally, you're going to put it right into a fresh bucket of water and you're going to let the hydrangea sit there for about 1-2 hours until this [the head] firms back up. And you're left with beautiful, fresh hydrangea!"


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