How To Ask Your Florist The Right Questions



How To Ask Your Florist The Right Questions


Flowers- they're a part of every occasion and we can't blame you for wanting them! Flowers can easily make a statement, carve attention towards the center of the room, or simply bring everyone together (not even mentioning the natural floral smells!). Whether you're planning a wedding (our favorite), a big birthday bash, need an entry piece for your foyer, or simply need something simple for your kitchen window, we at The Hidden Garden understand that you might be overwhelmed with options. How can there be so many options?! You just want something that fits you, the space and the energy of the event (and no, you're not asking too much). Keep on reading and I'll show you what you should be asking your florist to find the perfect bouquet for any occasion.



Here's What To Ask Your Florist:


1. Weddings: 

Planning a wedding can be stressful (I've been there too), but here are some easy questions to have ready for your florist!

  • "Which flowers would you recommend based on the time of year/season?"
  • "How far in advance of the wedding do you create the bouquets? How do you store them? Do we see a sample centerpiece prior to the wedding?"
  • "How would you describe your design style?" (e.g. whimsical, traditional, modern) 
  • "Based on my wedding style, color palette and budget, what would be included in my overall wedding floral budget?"
  • "Will you send me a detailed list that is line itemed showing each piece and cost estimate for the wedding?" 


2. Social and Corporate Events: 

Whether you're planning something cute or corporate, flowers can be a great talking piece to liven up the event!

  • "What size arrangements would you suggest based on my floor plan and event? " (luncheon, bridal shower, corporate dinner) 
  • "I need something no-nonsense but pleasing to the eyes. Can you suggest an arrangement for that?" (when you aren't trying break the bank but want to make sure you took care of the decor)


3. Baby Showers and Bar Mitzvahs:

A great addition to any celebration, these kinds of florals can be curated to any event, such as these!
  • "I want my event to have a theme- do you have any suggestions for ______ themed centerpieces?
  • "Can my guests take home the arrangements at the end of the event or are the containers rentals?" 
  • "Can I show you some pictures from Pinterest that I like? If you can't copy it exactly, can you put another spin on it to make it unique to my event?"


4. Funerals/Celebrations of Life:

At such a difficult time, you don't want to be weighed down by making more decisions than necessary. We'll help keep this process as easy and comforting as possible.

  • "How do I choose appropriate flowers for this occasion?" 
  • "_________ was their favorite flower. Can you create something around that?"
  • "Are you able to work with a budget? Here is ours....what different arrangements can be curated around this price?"

    5. Foyer/Kitchen Window:

    This section doesn't truly require any set questions because you'll have the most creativity here! When picking something for yourself, go with what makes you happiest!

    • "What's in season right now?"
    • "What florals are in season right now that have a beautiful fragrance?"
    • "Can you help me create a bouquet with your suggestions?"
    • "How can I make my bouquet last longer?"


    Let us know if this was helpful in planning your event and make sure to call us if you have any questions!


    Always Keep Blooming,



     ps- wedding season is upon us! call today to make sure we can hold your 2023 wedding date and guarantee our authentic and passionate floral experience! cheers!


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