How Flowers and Football Create The Perfect Party



How Flowers and Football Create The Perfect Party...Plus BTS Photos!


 The Super Bowl. The biggest football game in the United States of America. The ultimate sporting event where advertisers throw their hail marys, spending seven million dollars to air a 30-second clip, encompassed by another ten million halftime show to appease the stress of the tumultuous game. A lot of preparation goes into this day, from the players to custodians, from the city commissioner to the florists. Together, tens of thousands bring energy to this space to create a day centered around football and friends.

You can thank the creative and exciting minds at the NFL who have gone to great lengths to make the Super Bowl something special — integrating each year's host city and its cultivated culture into the championship traditions to strengthen their team.

A celebrated tradition we are honored to be a part of the Hidden Garden has been the exclusive floral designer for the Commissioners Party for the past 12 years. The NFL Commissioner's Party is a premier event that is reserved for a select group of coaches, players, and other hand-picked guests. This secret soiree includes fine dining, live entertainment, speeches, and of course, luxuriously themed florals.

We used many succulents and cacti as our base theme, popping in vibrant, colorful flowers like orchids, pin cushions, and roses. The goal was to create a natural and luxurious space while paying homage to the Arizona desert landscape. For this reason, the color palette consisted of greens and oranges, with pops of bright yellows and magentas—all accented by our surroundings' golden, earthy browns. The result was a desert oasis that was an elegant celebration in the name of football.



Every year, we gear up and travel with our team in the week leading up to the game, and we assemble and design on-site for this event. The reaction from everyone involved has been incredible—and it just confirms that we made the right decision in going full-on desert for our theme! We love being a part of this significant event and are always thrilled to see the finished product.

What do you think about our desert oasis? Let us know in the comments below!

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