How Florists Prep for Valentine's Day



Have you ever wondered to yourself - “How do florists get all their flowers ready for Valentine’s Day?”

From the Florist’s standpoint, we have an entire month scheduled out to prep for the holiday! Valentine’s Day is actually the number one holiday for florists and floral purchases (second to Christmas/Chanukah).

Here are the 8 steps The Hidden Garden goes through to get your perfect bouquet ready for your loved ones (or yourself!) on Valentine's Day:


1. One Month Out 


One month out we pre-order with our growers (that are all over the world). This helps us guarantee our product. Besides the normal supply and demand issue that all florists deal with on Valentine’s Day colors, we also were dealing with “flight space.” With so many of our florals arriving from around the world, we have to make sure our florals fit on the plane!




2. Create the Collection


You decide what bouquets to pick, we decide what flowers go in the bouquets! 

Now the fun bit! Creating a collection starts with Amy and goes through our team of designers. Professionally curated, we take the time to create options for lots of different people. We have the classic rose bouquet, whimsical garden arrangements, dark romantic styles, modern options, the list goes beyond what you’d normally see! See below a few that we offered this year.





3. Find the Perfect Containers


We have our florals ordered, we have our collection created- now for the vessel to hold it all together! Sourcing the containers is just as important as finding the perfect flowers. The vessel your bouquet comes in are created to enhance your arrangement but also to have as a keepsake for when your flowers eventually die.




4. Marketing


Marketing mailers, newsletters, floral cards, oh my! Even though we are always busting at the seams with orders each Valentine’s Day, we adore continually telling our story and sharing with our community.

Creating and sending one sheets of information, newsletters filled with blogs and quizzes, you wouldn’t think we would need to put out so much information on a day surrounded by florals. However, at the Hidden Garden, we love to make sure our community knows what florals would best suit them, how to best care for them, and help design the perfect bouquet for their special someone.




5. Flowers Arrive


Our florals arrive in LA six days before Valentine’s Day and we process them after their plane ride. All of the flowers need to be processed and hydrated (it was a long plane ride after all!). First, they all receive fresh cuts and immediately put into water with flower food and left to rest for an entire 24 hours. After they rest, they’re finally able to get into the hands of the designers.




6. Designers in the House


Speaking of designers, with hundreds of orders coming through the shop and out the door, you can imagine the team of staff that makes this happen. Our designers work tirelessly for 5 days straight with our production crew supporting them.

And don’t forget about our admin team! An entire collection of superstars who help by answering phones, emails, and customer questions and orders that come through the door.

It truly takes a team and we couldn't be more thrilled to have such hardworking humans at the shop, making this entire process possible. Three cheers to the shop!



And there you have it! Did you learn anything new about The Hidden Garden? We hope it let a little insight into our business around one of our busiest days of the year!


Always Keep Blooming,








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