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Prepping for Autumn Florals



Hello, Autumn


The seasons are slowly changing, and with them, so is the flora. Fall brings a new set of blooms to work with, but it also means that our favorite summer flowers are fading fast. This can be worrisome if you're not familiar with the different types of fall flowers—but it doesn't have to be! With these three quick tips from The Hidden Garden, a luxury flower shop in Los Angeles, you can be on your way to effortlessly creating the perfect autumnal arrangement.


1. Know your flowers


Knowing what flowers to use is an integral part of creating any arrangement. Roses are popular for most occasions but sometimes look a touch out of place among crisp colors or darker hues. Instead, try looking for these more fall-appropriate (aka in-season) options:

  • Asiatic Lilies

  • Chrysanthemums

  • Dahlias

  • Sunflowers

  • Flowering Kale


2. How To Care For Your Arrangement


Caring for your arrangement before you even begin arranging is of the utmost importance. These few steps will help extend the life of your bouquet by up to 2 weeks!

  1. Start with a clean vase and add room temperature water, followed by half of a packet of flower food. If you don't have any flower food, use just a drop of bleach. This creates a clean environment for the flowers to thrive; otherwise, a vase without it might collect bacteria that will kill off your arrangement.


  2. Don't put them in yet! Set your flowers to the side and clean them up. If any leaves or petals start turning brown, remove those immediately. Some flowers (like roses) might have a guard petal to protect them during travel and should be taken off.


  3. Almost there- before putting them into a vase, give them a fresh cut and insert them one by one into your clean water. This new cut gives them the greatest chance of being able to soak up water.


3. Know your aesthetic


What are the colors and textures you're going for? This will help you pick out the perfect blooms. As a Los Angeles florist in Autumn, we love textured berries, such as p berries and seeded eucalyptus. Of course, fall leaves are quintessential and an excellent detail to use as an accent.

Next, find vases and containers that match your color palette. It’s not about what looks good in-store or online—it’s about ensuring it works well with your arrangement and personal space!


Are You Ready To Arrange?


We hope our tips have helped you start creating your first arrangement of the season. It’s important to remember that everyone has their style and preferences, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Tag us @hiddengardenflowers to show off your Autumn Arrangements or call us to help you create an arrangement with Los Angeles flower delivery.

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