Happy 4th of July: Decorative Edible Flowers To Garnish Your BBQ


    Happy 4th of July: Decorative Edible Flowers To Garnish Your BBQ


    If you're hosting a barbecue for the Fourth of July, then some festive flowers might just be the perfect decoration for your table. A lot of people don't realize this, but you can use edible flowers in your cooking — both as ingredients and as garnishes. In fact, people have been eating flowers for hundreds of years, and it's a great way to add color, fragrance, flavor, and variety to your dishes. Here are nine of my favorites:***


    1. Borage: Borage has blue or pink star-shaped flowers with a cucumber flavor. The leaves taste like cucumbers too! You can use borage leaves in salads or sandwiches instead of lettuce leaves, or use them as a garnish by placing them on top of cakes and pastries before serving.



    2. Chive: Chives have green leaves with purple flowers that taste like an onion when chopped up (but without the harshness). Add them to salads or use them as a garnish on burgers or sandwiches.



    3. Dandelions: Young dandelions have yellow blossoms that taste like honey when eaten fresh (not dried). They're also packed with vitamins A and C! The greenery and petals are both great in salads but if you feel creative, use them in baking.


    4. Nasturtium: These red, orange and yellow flowers have large edible petals that are peppery and spicy (comparable to arugula). Add color and crunch when sprinkled over pasta and salads. Try mixing them with tomatoes or cucumbers for an extra burst of flavor.


      5. Calendula: Commonly known as marigold, has golden-orange petals and has light citrus and bitter zing with a floral aftertaste. Good in soups, herb butter or sprinkle them over salads (also works as a great moisturizer ingredient).


    6. Pansies: Pansies come in a variety of colors, including fuchsia, yellow, orange, and white. They are slightly sweet but lean a little more on the earthy side, which makes them great additions on fruit or green salads or as garnishes for meat and deserts!



    7. Lavender: Purple in color, this is technically an herb but a very popular one! With its distinct floral taste (with hints of mint and rosemary), this option is great in lemonades and drinks as well as in baking. The purple color looks great with red, white and blue foods as well.



    8. Chamomile: You may sip chamomile tea but did you know you can eat it too? Unmistakable with its dainty white petals and yellow center, tea drinks worldwide know chamomile to have a slightly bitter yet sweet taste. Use in baking, in salads, or as garnish (or a simple yet beautiful arrangement for your table!).



    9. Hibiscus Flowers: Hibiscus flowers come in many different colors including red, pink, orange, and white. They boast a tart, almost cranberry-like flavor that can be used in teas, lemonades, or cocktails but also make beautiful garnishes for cakes and other desserts.



      In this article, we hope we have introduced you to some edible flowers that you can use to decorate your 4th of July barbecue. If you enjoy experimenting with the taste of flowers, try out of Bucket of Blooms program next! We wish you a happy and safe Independence Day celebration.



      ***while eating wildflowers and garden-prepared florals isn't a new concept, it's best to do your own research with due diligence concerning your own health. If you have any concerning questions, always confer with your doctor!***

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