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7 Summertime Blooms for Your Garden

Looking for florals to add to your garden or landscape that can take full sun and the California summer heat? Amy Marella of The Hidden Garden, in Los Angeles, California, shares her favorite summer varietals of native flowers and more!



These rose varieties are durable, handle full hot sun meaning you can prune them as late as March!

  • Drift Roses—a beautiful rambling rose, this ground cover mixes well with formal borders, grasses, or other perennials.
  • Rugosa Roses—a shrub rose for those who want people to think they are “rose people.” They are easy and fragrant, with beautiful, thick foliage.
  • Climbing Roses—‘Climbing Pinkie’, ‘New Dawn’, or ‘White Dawn’ are my go-tos thanks to their extended bloom time, richness, and ease. They do require a bit of TLC but are worth their love.



Panicle Hydrangeas: These can handle the sun and heat!

  • ‘Little Lime’—dwarf, white blooms, full to part sun.
  • ‘Tardiva’—huge white blooms that are good in full sun to part shade. As they bloom later in the season, it will add beauty and interest during the transition from summer to fall.




Herbaceous peonies: require very little care and are sturdy and long-lasting.

  • ‘Coral Charm’—coral-peach blossoms fade to a subtle, lemon yellow.
  • ‘Gardenia Peony’—humongous! with white blooms, full sun to part shade. Mid season blooms during late May- early June.

    Itoh peoniesthese are a cross between the herbaceous peony and the tree peony. Since they are hybrids, they come in a wide variety of beautiful and eye-catching colors! 

    • 'Bartzella' with charming yellow blooms streaked crimson red at center. Each unusual bloom carries a sweet, citrusy fragrance.
    • 'Cora Louise'— semi-double white blooms that feature a dramatic burst of cranberry-pink at center and surround vibrant, golden frills.



    Cactus and semi cactus dahlias: Both of these varietals have double flowers with long, pointed ray petals that give them a spiky look.

    • ‘Dahlia Surprise’— a breathtaking bloom that displays peachy blossoms that melt into cream towards the end of their long petals. They bloom from July to the first frost! 
    • ‘Alfred Grille’— an award winning double flowered bloom who's petals start yellow and turn salmon towards the velvety tips.

    Pompon and ball dahlias: globe shaped heads, their short petals form an illusion of infinite swirls.

    • ‘Jowey Winnie’— soft pink surrounded by dark greenry, this bloom looks straight out of a dream, growing from midsummer until frost. 



    'Poppy' refers to a large number of species in at least 12 different genera in the subfamily Papaveroideae, most recognized by their papery, tissue-like blossoms in bright warm colors.

    • ‘Oriental Poppy’— one of the most familiar of all poppies, this varietal is a common sight with its feathery foliage and orange, red, or salmon flowers that bloom in June and July.
    • 'Flanders Poppy'— this species grew wild on World War I battlefields, becoming a symbol of the war and a similar cultivator, the Shirley Poppy, is a popular landscaping choice that comes in color ranges of orange, pink, violet, white and yellow.



    Depending on where you live, you can most likely enjoy lavender blooms all year long! There are three varietals, each with a different bloom season and usage. 

    • True Lavender
    • Spanish/French Lavender
    • Lavandin

    All three varietals are used for their high quality oil, flowers and silvery leaves. Seen in massive fields across Europe and Western USA, they make a fantastic addition to any size gardens. Lavenders are summer blooming with blooming seasons varying between varieties and cultivators. 



    Rosmarinus officinalis, an easily identifiable evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean with dark green, needlelike leaves that have a unique aroma.

    You can use any varietal cooking, but upright kinds with broader leaves contain more aromatic oil, such as

    • ‘Tuscan Blue’ - is the favorite of many chefs, due to wider than average aromatic leaves and dark blue leaves.
    • ‘Blue Spires’ - resembles a miniature Italian cypress tree, it stands very vertical with clear blue florals.
    • ‘Spice Island’ is the varietal you normally see sold in your local herb section.



    Hi, I'm Amy!
    I’ve spent over two decades growing my floral design skills and business into a 7-figure operation beyond any of my wildest dreams. Like a seedling, it all started with a love of floral design and a willingness to learn and practice.


    I’ve honed my craft over many years, and want as many people as possible to have the confidence and skills to create standout floral arrangements as part of their everyday. Learn with me today!






    How to Keep Hydrangeas Hydrated


    LA floral designer shares her tips for making thirsty hydrangea flowers last and last!




    Amy: "I'm going to teach you a couple of our tricks on how we make sure our hydrangea stays nice and perky!

    Sometimes when you get your hydrangea heads, they are actually a little bit soft at the top, which means that they are not hydrated all the way. And this is if you have a fresh stem of hydrangea, not something that's been around for five days and it got soft all-of-a-sudden. This is for if you got them straight from a flower shop. 

    So, we will take our hydrangea and we will dunk the entire head of hydrangea in water (fresh). And we'll let it sit there for about 15-30 minutes and let all the water hydrate into the head of the hydrangea. 

    Once you've done that, you're going to pull it out and then you're going to give the stem a fresh cut. Next, take your hydrangea stem and dip it into alum, which you can find in your spice aisle in your grocery store. Finally, you're going to put it right into a fresh bucket of water and you're going to let the hydrangea sit there for about 1-2 hours until this [the head] firms back up. And you're left with beautiful, fresh hydrangea!"


    Want MORE pro-level tutorials like this one to give your floral artistry strong roots? I’ve hand-picked floral foundational tutorials specifically to teach budding floral artists the need-to-know preparation steps to take to get beautiful arrangements that last.


    Grab this Floral Prep Foundations Bundle for just $17! (A $500 Value) 

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    What A Wedding Appointment with the Hidden Garden Looks Like


    Do You Hear Those Wedding Bells?

    Weddings are coming back into full swing right now and we are just as excited as our couples! We are really looking forward to sitting down with you this coming 2021 (and if you're the organizer/planner, we are accepting appointments for 2022).  


    So, you're freshly engaged to the love of your life and we FINALLY are ready to open the country back up. We know what that means...party time! Before we hop on that reception-bound party bus, we have to schedule an our initial floral appointment! After that, it's cake! I quickly broke it down so you know what to expect when you walk in the door of The Hidden Garden.

    What to Expect from your Wedding Appointment:


    1. First things first- we have to schedule the appointment!

    2. Once you've set your appointment with us, sit down with your partner and discuss what your floral budget range might be. We are open to flexibility, exchanging particular flowers and thinking outside-the-box but having a starting/ending budget will help everyone involved!

    3. Appointment Day! Bring questions, concerns and inspiration (this can be a Pinterest board or printed images). You can expect our meeting to run about 1- 1.5 hours long.


    4. After our initial meeting, we'll send you over a proposal with everything "line- itemized" so you can see how things add up.

    5. Secure your date with a deposit. We only take one wedding a day, so be sure to lock that date in! 

    And boom! That's it!

    2 Months from the Wedding:


    About 2 months out from the wedding date we set up a viewing. During this second meeting, we show you the floral centerpiece, rentals if needed, etc. It is s a full viewing and helps you really understand how things will look and feel on your wedding date!


    2 Weeks from the Wedding:


    At this time, we finalize your guest count and make sure we have everything in order! Let the party commence!

    Throughout the process we are always available to hear ideas and questions. Sometimes things need to evolve, so we really like to keep your proposal fluid until we get to the sample meeting...you never know what pics might inspire you!



    Click here to check out our website and a handful more of our wedding examples and follow us on Instagram, where we continually share our creations with our community!

    Leave a comment on our Insta if this page was helpful or better yet, call us to schedule your wedding date!


    Always Keep Blooming,





    How To Ask Your Florist The Right Questions


    How To Ask Your Florist The Right Questions


    Flowers- they're a part of every occasion and we can't blame you for wanting them! Flowers can easily make a statement, carve attention towards the center of the room, or simply bring everyone together (not even mentioning the natural floral smells!). Whether you're planning a wedding (our favorite), a big birthday bash, need an entry piece for your foyer, or simply need something simple for your kitchen window, we at The Hidden Garden understand that you might be overwhelmed with options. How can there be so many options?! You just want something that fits you, the space and the energy of the event (and no, you're not asking too much). Keep on reading and I'll show you what you should be asking your florist to find the perfect bouquet for any occasion.



    Here's What To Ask Your Florist:


    1. Weddings: 

    Planning a wedding can be stressful (I've been there too), but here are some easy questions to have ready for your florist!

    • "Which flowers would you recommend based on the time of year/season?"
    • "How far in advance of the wedding do you create the bouquets? How do you store them? Do we see a sample centerpiece prior to the wedding?"
    • "How would you describe your design style?" (e.g. whimsical, traditional, modern) 
    • "Based on my wedding style, color palette and budget, what would be included in my overall wedding floral budget?"
    • "Will you send me a detailed list that is line itemed showing each piece and cost estimate for the wedding?" 


    2. Social and Corporate Events: 

    Whether you're planning something cute or corporate, flowers can be a great talking piece to liven up the event!

    • "What size arrangements would you suggest based on my floor plan and event? " (luncheon, bridal shower, corporate dinner) 
    • "I need something no-nonsense but pleasing to the eyes. Can you suggest an arrangement for that?" (when you aren't trying break the bank but want to make sure you took care of the decor)


    3. Baby Showers and Bar Mitzvahs:

    A great addition to any celebration, these kinds of florals can be curated to any event, such as these!
    • "I want my event to have a theme- do you have any suggestions for ______ themed centerpieces?
    • "Can my guests take home the arrangements at the end of the event or are the containers rentals?" 
    • "Can I show you some pictures from Pinterest that I like? If you can't copy it exactly, can you put another spin on it to make it unique to my event?"


    4. Funerals/Celebrations of Life:

    At such a difficult time, you don't want to be weighed down by making more decisions than necessary. We'll help keep this process as easy and comforting as possible.

    • "How do I choose appropriate flowers for this occasion?" 
    • "_________ was their favorite flower. Can you create something around that?"
    • "Are you able to work with a budget? Here is ours....what different arrangements can be curated around this price?"

      5. Foyer/Kitchen Window:

      This section doesn't truly require any set questions because you'll have the most creativity here! When picking something for yourself, go with what makes you happiest!

      • "What's in season right now?"
      • "What florals are in season right now that have a beautiful fragrance?"
      • "Can you help me create a bouquet with your suggestions?"
      • "How can I make my bouquet last longer?"


      Let us know if this was helpful in planning your event and make sure to call us if you have any questions!


      Always Keep Blooming,



       ps- wedding season is upon us! call today to make sure we can hold your 2021/2022 wedding date and guarantee our authentic and passionate floral experience! cheers!


      How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for May Day


      How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for May Day


      May Day Origins


      In just a week, May Day is upon us! I remember a fun, childhood memory of making paper baskets and filling it with notes and small bundles of yellow dandelions for the parents. But where did May Day actually originate from and why are so many flowers involved?

      According to The Farmer's Almanac, May Day is a day based in agriculture and astronomy; celebrating the halfway mark between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. This was, agriculturally, the marking for the time when planted produce began sprouting, life stock was put to pasture, special bonfires were had and doors were decorated with yellow flowers.




      How it's Celebrated


      "Celebrations evolved to speak more to the “bringing in the May” with the gathering of wildflowers and green branches, the weaving of floral garlands, the crowning of a May king and queen, and the setting up of a decorated May tree, or Maypole, around which people danced. Such rites originally may have been intended to ensure fertility for crops and, by extension, for livestock and humans, but in most cases this significance was gradually lost, so that the practices survived largely as popular festivities," writes The Editors of The Farmer's Almanac.


      For Those of Us Who Don't Have a May Pole to Decorate...   

      Here’s how you decide on flowers to help you bring in the halfway mark of the Spring Equinox!


      - Backyard Picks -

      People who live in seasonal climates welcome spring by literally “Bringing in the May,” by gathering blooms from their own gardens! Bring in clippings from your backyard trees, pick local dandelions to create a "crown" for the kids or simply find a local florist who has a bouquet or two that catches your eye!


      - Local Picks -

      Heyo! Said Florist here. California is bursting with colors, fragrances and options and I listed local CA flowers to choose from below! If that's still too many options and you just want to have us create one for you, we have a "designers choice," which allows us the freedom to fit a bouquet to your style! 



      - Ribbons -

      Ok, you're on a budget and you don't have any blooms around you. No worries! An Irish May-Day tradition is to grab any extra colorful ribbon you have and creating your very own "May Day" tree/bush. Anything to ring in the longer days and warmer temps!

      - Nature -

      Even if you're not able to decorate, one thing we all need to do is make sure we get outside to enjoy nature. We have our earth to thank for housing us and without it, where would we be? It's a good conversation to have (and continually have) since we just passed Earth Day. Bring nature to you or simply go to nature! Any local park will do- go for a walk and breath deeply the blooming florals of your area (and a quick thank you to the Earth).

      What's Currently in Bloom in California:

      Local LilacWe have a long time local grower that brings us her beautiful lilac 
      and apple blossom branches....they are so sweet and perfect! Lilac comes in many shades but those shades are the stages of the season, starting with: delicate whites (first come and first gone), then bi-colors and gentle lavender colors and ending the season strong with a vivacious and deep purple.

      Local Viburnum - is always a must for us at The Hidden Garden all of April.  It's green to white snowball poofs are like mini hydrangeas on a stick. The flowers starts of apple green at the start of the season and then as the season comes to a close they are white snowball poofs!  You can watch the evolution of the flowers season just by watching their color!
      The only hiccup we have sometimes is Mother Nature. When it gets super hot or super cold some of these beauties don't stick around too long and the season fluctuates.
      In our  Floral Prep Foundations, we talk about how you process and prep these flowers (which is vital to prolonging them once they're in your home!). Make sure to check it out- it's a whole lot of information for just $17!
      Bearded IrisMy neighbor has them popping up in her yard and I'm obsessed. They multiply so quickly once you plant them. The grower we love to get them from is actually based out of Oregon! Their varietals are insanely gorgeous and the combination of colors are stunning!

      Enjoy the final week of April and make sure to tag us if you end up decorating with any of our tips for your May Day!

      Always Keep Blooming,

      Amy Marella