Flower Colors and Their Meanings


Another bunch of flowers of various colors

Thinking about sending a flower delivery in Los Angeles and wondering what colors to choose? The colors of the flower bouquet you choose can send a meaningful message. Although we don’t really believe in rules, we thought to share some simple guidelines to help you make your decision.


Red Flowers:

Passion, romance, and desire primarily to its association with the heart and flushed rosy cheeks. Did we make you blush? Red flowers that we love: Roses, Double Tulips, and Amaryllis.

Red flowers

Pink Flowers:

Love, gentleness, and grace hence why this pretty color is a favorite for sending flowers to someone special. Pink flowers that we love: Peonies, Dahlias, and Ranunculus.

Pink flowers

White Flowers:

Purity, honesty, and sympathy thus making it a traditional choice for weddings and to symbolize new beginnings. White flowers that we love: Garden Roses, Phalaenopsis Orchids, and Anemones.

White flowers

Yellow Flowers:

Happiness, friendship, and appreciation which is why it’s the perfect color to send to anyone to brighten their day! We just can’t help but smile! Yellow flowers that we love: Sunflowers, Billy Balls, and Daffodils.

Yellow flowers

Blue Flowers:

Peace, openness, and tranquility making it a great color to include in a Get Well Soon Arrangement. Blue flowers that we love: Hydrangea, Irises, and Delphinium.

Blue flowers

Green Flowers:

Renewal, harmony, and health primarily because this color is synonymous with nature and Mother Earth. Green flowers that we love: Amaranthus, Cymbidium Orchids, and Mini Green Hydrangea.

Green flowers

Purple Flowers:

Success, wealth, and admiration which is why this traditional, royal color is the perfect accompaniment to celebrate milestones. Purple flowers that we love: Lilacs, Calla Liles, and Vanda Orchids.

Purple flowers

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