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Thanksgiving Blooms: Creating the Perfect Tablescape


Thanksgiving Blooms: Creating the Perfect Tablescape

     Shorter days, crisp morning air, and a few more layers; it's that beautiful time of year when we gather with our loved ones to celebrate the season and give thanks. One of the most beautiful ways to set the tone for your autumnal gathering is by creating a luxurious tablescape that invites sophistication and warmth. This year, why not transform your Thanksgiving into a bespoke celebration with the help of The Hidden Garden? In this blog, we'll guide you through creating a stunning holiday tablescape that will leave your guests in awe.


Transforming Thanksgiving into a Celebration of Your Own


   This Thanksgiving, start things off by breaking away from the traditional Thanksgiving norms and creating new traditions that align with your interests and values. For example, this could be hosting a potluck where each guest brings a dish that represents their heritage or reflects their favorite seasonal ingredients instead of a turkey dinner.


   Transform your holiday gathering into a celebration of your unique style and appreciation for the season. Consider your personal tastes and preferences when selecting the color palette, decor, and overall ambiance. Here are some tips to accompany your fresh decor ideas:


  • Choose a Unique Color Palette: Instead of the typical oranges and browns associated with Thanksgiving, opt for rich, opulent colors such as deep burgundy, gold, and deep green, which step away from “cozy” and into “divine.”


  • Mix and Match Tableware: Instead of using a standard matching set of dishes and glasses, get creative by mixing and matching different elements to add depth and character to your table.



Section 2: Decorating Your Table with Nature's Bounty


   An autumn tablescape is only complete with the natural elements that define this gorgeous season. Leaves, pumpkins, gourds, fruits, and candles can be your best friends when creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Here's how to use these elements effectively:

  • Fall Leaves: Collect a variety of leaves in different shapes and colors to scatter across the table. You can also incorporate artificial, metallic leaves for a touch of elegance.
  • Pumpkins and Gourds: Arrange an assortment of pumpkins and gourds in various sizes as centerpieces or as decorative accents throughout the table. Their rustic charm adds a cozy vibe.
  • Fruits and Candles: Enhance the atmosphere with the warm glow of candles. Combine them with fruits like apples and pears for a visually appealing arrangement. The interplay of light and natural elements will exude sophistication and warmth. Need more ideas? Read Part III of our Thanksgiving Series HERE for Candle Ideas.


Section 3: The Hidden Garden's Bespoke Centerpieces

   When creating an opulent tablescape, a bespoke centerpiece can elevate your setting to the next level. While you might need more time to think through the perfect fall florals, The Hidden Garden specializes in creating exquisite floral arrangements that perfectly complement the season and your personal style. Here's how we can help:


  • Expert Florals: The team of skilled florists at Hidden Garden can craft custom-made floral centerpieces with the finest autumnal blooms. Think deep red roses, orange lilies, and rich greenery that will be the highlight of your table.
  • Customization: You can work with The Hidden Garden to customize your centerpiece, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your preferred color scheme, size, and style.
  • Order Now: The time to order your bespoke centerpiece is now open, ensuring you receive a one-of-a-kind creation that will make your Thanksgiving celebration truly special.


   This Thanksgiving, transform your gathering into your own celebration with an opulent and inviting tablescape. Break away from tradition and embrace your unique style. Incorporate natural elements. Enlist the expertise of The Hidden Garden for a bespoke centerpiece, and you'll create an atmosphere of sophistication and warmth that your guests will cherish. Embrace the beauty of autumn and the spirit of Thanksgiving luxuriously and unforgettably. Your table will be the centerpiece of the holiday season.

Creating the Perfect Tablescape: Napkin Treatment Ideas Thanksgiving Series, Part II

Napkin Treatments from a Florist's Perspective:

  When creating a beautiful tablescape, The Hidden Garden understands the importance of every detail. Each element contributes to the overall aesthetic, from the centerpiece to the glassware. One often overlooked detail that can make a significant impact is the napkin treatment. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at napkin treatments from a florist's point of view, exploring their history, cultural variations, and synergy with floral centerpieces. Additionally, we'll provide tips on creating a stunning holiday tablescape and how The Hidden Garden can assist you every step of the way.


The Origins of Napkin Treatments


  Napkin treatments, also known as napkin folding or napkin origami, have been a part of dining culture for centuries. While the exact origin is unclear, it is believed to have started in ancient civilizations where the folding of napkins was used to indicate wealth, social status or hospitality. As societies evolved, so did the art of napkin treatment, with various techniques and styles emerging around the world.


Cultural Variations in Napkin Treatments


  Different cultures have their own unique styles and techniques when it comes to napkin treatments. For example, in Japan, the art of origami is often incorporated into napkin folding, creating intricate and delicate designs. In European countries like France and Italy, elaborately folded napkins are commonly used in fine dining establishments to enhance the overall dining experience.


Enhancing a Floral Centerpiece


  Napkin treatments can be the perfect compliment to a beautiful floral centerpiece. When thoughtfully coordinated, they can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a cohesive look for your tablescape. By incorporating elements from the floral arrangement, such as color schemes or textures, into the napkin treatments, you can achieve a harmonious and visually stunning presentation.


Tips for Creating a Holiday Tablescape


  If you're looking to create a stunning holiday tablescape but need a helping hand, The Hidden Garden is here for you. Our team of talented florists can guide you through the process, providing expert advice on floral arrangements, napkin treatments, and overall table decor. We understand the importance of creating a memorable experience for your guests. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, whether that’s an autumnal tablescape for the holidays or your much-awaited wedding day.


  Additionally, our blog is a valuable resource for tips, tricks, and inspiration. We regularly share articles on seasonal floral trends to inspire your holiday tablescape. Visit our website to explore our blog and gain valuable insights from our experienced team.


  For even more inspiration, make sure to check out our Pinterest page. We curate boards with stunning visuals, showcasing different napkin treatment ideas, floral arrangements, holiday decor, and wedding inspiration for weeks to come. You'll find a wealth of inspiration to help you create a truly remarkable experience for any occasion. 


  Remember, the details matter when creating a memorable dining experience. Napkin treatments provide an opportunity to add an extra touch of elegance and creativity to your tablescape. With The Hidden Garden's floral centerpieces and our other available resources, you'll be well-equipped to create a holiday tablescape that impresses your guests and leaves a lasting impression.

Creating the Perfect Tablescape: Candle Treatment Ideas Thanksgiving Series, Part III

Candle Treatment Ideas from a Florist's Perspective

   When creating an enchanting atmosphere, candles are a florist's secret weapon. Their warm glow and flickering light can add a touch of romance and sophistication to any setting. In this blog post, we'll explore candle treatment ideas from a florist's point of view. We'll delve into the history of decorative candle usage, variations from around the world, and the magical synergy they create when paired with a beautiful floral centerpiece. We'll also share tips on incorporating candles into your upcoming holiday tablescape and how The Hidden Garden can assist you in creating the perfect ambiance with our expertise, blog tips, and Pinterest page.


The Origins of Decorative Candles


  The use of candles as decorative elements can be traced back to ancient times. From ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, candles were initially used for the practical purpose of providing light. However, as civilizations evolved, candles began to be appreciated for their aesthetic qualities. Over time, they became an integral part of decorative displays, symbolizing celebration, spirituality, and tranquility.


Cultural Variations in Candle Decor


Candle decor varies worldwide, reflecting different cultures and traditions. For example, in Nordic countries, the concept of "hygge" embraces the cozy ambiance candles create. From simple pillar candles to intricately carved designs, candles play a significant role in Scandinavian home decor. In Asian cultures like India and Thailand, candles are often used in religious ceremonies and festivals, creating a spiritual and serene atmosphere.


Enhancing a Floral Centerpiece


When combined with a beautiful floral centerpiece, candles can take your tablescape to the next level. The soft, romantic glow of candles enhances the natural beauty of flowers, creating a captivating and intimate ambiance. Strategically placing candles around the floral arrangement can draw attention to the centerpiece and build a focal point for the table.


Tips for Creating a Holiday Tablescape


If you need help creating a captivating holiday tablescape, The Hidden Garden is here to assist you. Our experienced team of florists can help you select the perfect floral arrangements and candle treatments to transform your table into a magical setting. We understand the importance of crafting a memorable experience for your guests and will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.


Alongside our expertise, our blog is a treasure trove of tips and inspiration for creating stunning tablescape designs. We regularly share articles on creative candle treatments, floral arrangements, and seasonal decor trends. Visiting our blog will provide valuable insights and ideas to inspire your holiday tablescape.


For even more inspiration, we invite you to explore our Pinterest page. It's filled with boards curated by our team, featuring exquisite floral ideas, DIY arrangements, and overall table decor concepts. When browsing through our pins, you'll find endless inspiration to incorporate into your own holiday tablescape.


Creating an enchanting tablescape involves meticulous attention to detail, and candles can play a significant role in setting the mood. With the assistance of The Hidden Garden and the resources we provide, you'll be well-equipped to craft a holiday tablescape that captivates your guests and creates an unforgettable ambiance.

Autumn in Los Angeles: The Best Local Flowers for November

Autumn in Los Angeles: The Best Local Flowers for November

As the days get shorter and the temperatures slowly drop, the autumn season is finally upon us in Los Angeles. As the leaves start to turn, local flowers in the area begin to show their unique and vibrant colors. November brings about a new range of seasonal blooms that are sure to brighten up your home or event.


Here are some of the best local flowers that thrive in Los Angeles during November:


Also known as "Pot Marigold," Calendula is a lovely addition to an autumn bouquet. This golden orange flower blooms in early November and is found in various gardens across Los Angeles. They are perfect for adding a pop of color and can serve as a primary focal point in your floral arrangements. Calendula also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a popular ingredient in skincare products.


Chrysanthemums, also known as "Mums," are a classic fall flower that blooms in late October and lasts through early November in Los Angeles. These flowers come in various colors, including yellow, orange, burgundy, and white. They are long-lasting and easy to care for, making them an excellent option for autumn floral arrangements.


Dahlias are considered to be the queen of autumn blooms. These beautiful flowers come in a wide range of colors, ranging from deep maroon to bright pink. Dahlias bloom from mid-July to early November and can be found throughout Los Angeles. Their unique and intricate designs make them a standout choice for any fall floral arrangement.


Marigolds, also known as "Day of the Dead Flowers," are a traditional addition to Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. They bloom in late October and early November and come in various shades of yellow and orange. Marigolds are believed to symbolize the sun and are often associated with warmth and positivity, making them a perfect choice for an autumn floral arrangement.


Sunflowers also have a natural connection to autumn. These plants are known for their ability to track the sun's movement, turning their heads throughout the day to face the direction of the sunlight. As the days grow shorter in autumn, the sunflowers reach their peak, standing tall and proud as a final burst of sunshine before the frosty weather arrives.

Incorporating Local Flowers into Autumn Arrangements

Incorporating local flowers into your autumn floral arrangements is a surefire way to showcase the beauty of Los Angeles and give your home or event a unique and luxurious touch. When designing your display, Amy from The Hidden Garden suggests using a darker green as your foundation, adding neutral-toned flowers such as white and beige as your base color, and finishing with pops of color with the seasonal blooms mentioned above. Feel free to mix and match various flowers to create your personalized autumnal arrangement.

Places to Explore

Los Angeles offers a variety of parks and gardens that showcase the beauty of autumn in the area. Some must-visit places include the Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge and the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino. The gardens feature various species of flowers that are in full bloom during the autumn season, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon stroll. Our list would be amiss if we did not mention the prominent Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Garden or one of our favorites, Lake Balboa. In the fall, a variety of autumnal blooms, including willow trees, sycamores, and cottonwoods surrounds the lake.

Incorporating local flowers is an excellent way to add luxury and beauty to your autumn floral arrangements in Los Angeles. By combining the seasonal flowers mentioned above, you will have an arrangement with a Hidden Garden stamp of approval. Short on free time? Call The Hidden Garden today and note that you’d like a flair of local florals, and they’ll create the perfect arrangement for your table centerpiece. In the meantime, remember to visit the various gardens and parks in the area to explore the unique beauty of autumn in Los Angeles.