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Florals for all Seasons: A Spooky Hidden Garden Surprise!

Florals for all Seasons:

A Spooky Hidden Garden Surprise!


Autumn swoops in with the blazing beauty of fall leaves, cozy fires, soft slippers, and warming comfort food...Well, ok, it's not cold cold here in Los Angeles (a comfortable 64°) but it's a perfect start to feeling *spooky season.*

However warm, Autumn brings a time to slow down, reflect, focus on the simple joys of life, and connect with friends and family. A change in season is a good time to evaluate goals, do a cleanse, and reset intentions.

October has ushered in some exciting new things at The Hidden Garden and the next seasonal decor swap-out is just around the corner! If you’ve ever wanted to add floral artistry to your home beautifying repertoire, now is your chance!

A perfect introduction to what our Bloom Academy offers, the Floral Arrangements for All Seasons includes follow-along video tutorials that will help you choose your florals, how to best arrange them and what to stock in your toolkit!

Get instant access to our Holiday Tutorials and automatically be entered into a special gift card giveaway during the month of October and start adding beautiful floral flair to your home all year long!


So, what’s all included in the Seasonal Collection?


A curated collection of seven pro florist tutorials to help you beautify your home all year long with beginner-friendly tutorials for each season! Including:

Pumpkin Flower Fix: An autumnal celebration of everything pumpkin spice, cozy, and nice! A beautiful arrangement of fall blooms nestled inside a real (or faux) pumpkin.


Thanksgiving Table Vibes: Wow your dinner guests and embrace hearth and home with a bountiful table arrangement fit for a harvest celebration.


White Winter Holiday: A delightful arrangement to welcome winter with snowy white roses set amongst winter greens. This bouquet will brighten any room in your home!


Holiday Reds: Another take on the holiday classics. Red roses, greenery, and winterberries create a perfect seasonal bouquet for an entry table or mantle. 


Coral Vibes: Celebrate all things fresh and green with bountifully bright blooms in this coral-centric bouquet. This lush bouquet is perfect to brighten your home, or share with someone special!


4th of July BBQ Beauty: You’ll be seeing stars with this bouquet bursting with bright yellow, fluffy hydrangeas, and interesting textural flourishes. Perfect for a picnic or coffee table.


Summertime Yellows: Hello, sunshine! We pack in bright bursts of yellow and texture with a variety of flowers in this bright, cheery bouquet. Everything gets set off with a pop of white and green. Put this arrangement anywhere that needs a bit of brightening.


Ok, this sounds great! What next?


You’re probably thinking, “it can’t really be this easy.” But it is! However, here are a few questions we receive when people first sign up for our online courses:

  • Are the tutorials beginner friendly? 

Yes! Our tutorials are designed for the skills of any hobbyist or budding florist with a passion for flowers and an interest in floral artistry.

  • How long do I have access to these tutorials?

You will have anytime access to the full tutorial vault for Floral Arrangements for All Seasons as long as the product is offered.

  • What tools should I have to follow along?

Once you sign up, we have a prerequisite page that breaks down what tools you should have in your toolkit. If you need help finding these items, we offer them over at the Hidden Garden Website!

  • Does anything change for me if the Florals for all Seasons goes up in price?

You will have access to the contents even if Floral Arrangements for All Seasons is sold at a higher price in the future! Woohoo!

  • What do I do when I finish all my tutorials?

This is our favorite question! If you’ve gone through our Holiday Collection and want more inspirational tutorials, then we’d love for you to join our Bloom Academy community!


Bloom Academy Refresher


The BA is A monthly digital membership to make your budding floral artistry take root and bloom right from home! This online course includes:

Fresh weekly tips and tricks: Whether picking the perfect rose or keeping your hydrangeas happy, each week Amy will provide new tips and tricks for the budding florist.

Access to our ever-green tutorial vault: As long as you’re a member you’ll have full access to over 30 existing tutorials and counting to watch at your own pace.

Monthly live Zoom classes: Join CEO Amy Marella live on Zoom to create in real-time! You’ll receive a supply list and prep sheet ahead of the class and the opportunity to ask her anything about floral design!

A private Facebook Community: A place to meet other Bloom Academy Members, share tips, and get more one-on-one advice when you need it

So which is right for you?


Florals for all Seasons:

  • A one time purchase, you receive instant access to our 7 video Floral Arrangements for All Seasons collection, where you can start adding beautiful floral flair to your home based around the holidays! Plus! Join during the month of October and you'll be entered into a special $25 Amazon Gift Card Drawing! Includes access to our Bloom Community email support, who will be with you every step of the way.

Bloom Academy:

  • A monthly membership, where you have instant access to over 30 year-round video tutorials that include the floral recipes, tips and tricks from a seasoned pro. PLUS! YOU GET THE FLORAL PREP FOUNDATIONS BUNDLE, where Amy teaches you the need-to-know preparation steps to get beautiful results that last. Includes access to our Bloom Community email support, who will be with you every step of the way.


Both beginner friendly, easy to follow-along and filled to the brim with floral arranging knowledge. Whichever you decide is best for you this season, we wish you a very spooky season indeed!

Always keep blooming,







Hidden Garden Wedding Floral Sneak Peek

Hidden Garden Wedding Sneak Peek


Wedding bells haven't stopped ringing all summer long and to say we have been busy would be an understatement! This past weekend alone we had 3 separate weddings; so the shop's energy was chaotic...in the best kind of way!

We wanted to showcase a recent summer wedding we had the honor of creating florals for. Located north of Los Angeles in Montecito, we worked in a breath-taking hotel near the ocean with an amazing couple who went with a classic and  romantic white look.

Please enjoy these photos of our work, provided by Michael + Anna Costa Photography (all vendors will be listed below) and make sure to check out the Bride and Groom's reaction photo to the reception hall decor at the end!

If you're inspired by these images, please give us a call/fill out our form at The Hidden Garden to save your wedding date!

















Vendor Credits and their social media:


Planning & Design: A Good Affair, Wedding & Event Production, @agoodaffair #agoodaffairdesign

Venue & Catering: Rosewood Miramar, @rosewoodmiramarbeach

Florist (that's us!!): The Hidden Garden, @hiddengardenflowers

Photographer: Michael + Anna Costa Photography, @michaelandannacosta

Rentals: Revelry Event Design, @revelryeventdesign


Guest Speaker on The Flower Podcast, with CEO Amy Marella


"This week's guest started her floral studio as a little flower shop with a sole inspiration to make people happy using beautiful flower arrangements. With minimal flower experience, a passion for flowers and determination, the Hidden Garden has become a phenomenal design studio with a strong presence in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

How inspiring is it to know that a business began with a desire to simply make people happy. Well, I'm truly happy to share the floral journey of my guest, Amy Marella. And it all starts now- on The Flower Podcast."

Listen as host Scott Shepherd and Amy Marella, of The Hidden Garden, talk about networking, connecting with clients, and having multiple streams of income.





How To Plan an End-of-Summer Soiree with The Hidden Garden


Summer is starting to wind down but here in LA we still have plenty of sunshine left to enjoy. With plenty of people who want to enjoy every last drop of summer, they will be thrilled at any invitation to leave the house.

So, keeping safety measures in mind, now is the time to throw an “End of Summer Soiree,” to celebrate the turning of seasonal tides.The number of reasons to celebrate health, friendship, good food, and summer are higher than ever. 

Take a peek at these 5 pointers on how to throw a successful soiree and give The Hidden Garden a call when you’re ready for your floral decor!


1. First things first. Guest List.

While you probably want to invite everyone you haven’t seen for ages, keep in mind we’re still recovering from (and still a part of) the COVID pandemic. Depending on your needs, this list can come down to those who are vaccinated, willing to wear masks and the likes. However, if you have a large outside space, then you may invite at your own discretion.

Make sure to account for kiddos who may come with!

Remember, you shouldn’t host more than you(r house) can handle; especially if you live somewhere that doesn’t have a sprawling backyard or predictable weather.

If you’re worried about weather (or just scorching heat), make use of the spaces you have. People tend to gather where there is food, so spread your food around.

Have charcuterie boards in the kitchen, grilled food out on the patio, beers/beverages in the garage. This will cut down on too many people staying in one place and allowing them to float around.


2. Food

“I wake up to eat.” -me.

Is food not the reason we really go to parties? Ok, the second reason... after friends. But there’s nothing more hanger-inducing than getting to a party and the food not being ready for another 2-3 hours.

No friend, we are coming in Prepared.™ 

Now that you’re hosting, you’re going to set up everything beforehand. Before we prep your food, however, you get to decide what theme you want! 

Are you going the safe route and doing hamburgers, veggie dogs, and summer salads? Maybe spice it up a little and include fresh citrus flavors in Mexican dishes? Perhaps you want to offer a giant grazing table (those are always the coolest)?

This is your time to shine! Choose something creative that you’ve done before. I do not suggest trying something brand new before a party. If it doesn’t go well, you might be left with hungry, impatient guests and a $200 pizza order on the way (yes, I may be talking from experience).

Pinterest is a great place for some themed ideas if you’re stuck on this step. Make sure to include an option for those vegetarian/GF friends and a personal tip, always include fun, nonalcoholic drinks for those who are driving/not drinking!

Now that you have your theme chosen, you are going to your local grocery store/farmers market and prepping everything you need beforehand. Cut up and wash your produce. Season and refrigerate your meats. Create your charcuterie boards and make sure you have those separate foodie options ready to go. It may seem like a lot of prep time but this will create free time on the day of your soiree to spend with your guests.


3. Decor!

Personally, this is our favorite part of planning our parties.  

Chances are that you’re not really one for plastic party decor and we’d be right there with you. Do yourself a favor and go more earth-friendly by decorating with florals and paper products.

The good thing about being CEO of The Hidden Garden for over 20 years is that I’ve seen it all. There really isn’t a wrong way to decorate with florals!

Regular summer shindig? Sunflowers, hydrangea, and billyballs are our go-to. 

A pastel party? Dahlias, roses, and dusty miller.

Sunshine soiree vibes? Bright peonies, Pink Floyd Roses, and eucalyptus.

Here are some of the theme’s we’ve decorated for:

  • Whimsical Wildflowers
  • Lilac + Pink
  • Peony Perfection
  • BBQ Party
  • Green & White Garden Party

You have the power to create the perfect bouquets to match your theme! Head to our Pinterest to see some examples or give us a call and we’ll help you curate the soiree florals of your dreams.


4. Entertainment

And no, we don’t just mean watching the kids fight over floaties. Here are our top 5 favorite forms of entertainment:

  1. Planning a trivia night (always a hit)
  2. Having a solid summer playlist going
  3. Card games/ tarot reading/ board games smorgasbord
  4. Karaoke (offer at your own risk)
  5. Pool party (if you have one). No pool? No worries! Yard games are always a solid go-to and still some of our favorites (just try and beat me at croquet).

You can make this as budget-friendly or as detailed as you want. Other ideas could include: painting parties, hiring a cover band to play, setting up a photo booth, creating an outdoor “theater,” or straight up just having a bonfire with s'mores! Any of these options are bound to bring friends back for more time with you in your home. (#hostesswiththemostest)

The options are endless for any budget level- You just need to think outside the box!



5. Small details

Not spending enough time thinking of the smaller details can end up being a bigger deal on the day of your soiree. Thinking about the things that may affect you now will help you be prepared for later. Here are a few examples:

  • You’re planning on setting up outside but you know you have lots of mosquitoes. Citronella will keep bugs away and you can easily decorate them to keep with your theme without worrying about being eaten alive.
  • You hired a cover band to play and as they’re scheduled to start, they realized they don’t have power access for their amps! Do you have them in a place where that’s an easy fix? Make sure to plan that out when booking!
  • If it is a sweltering day, you might want to offer your friends a reprieve from the heat. Do you have a shaded space or a garage you can use if push comes to shove? Flexibility is a superpower.

Planning a soiree may seem like a lot of work and brainpower. While it does take quite a bit of consideration, don’t let this deter you! The devil is in the details and if you can cover them, you WILL have thrown the most successful End-of-Summer Soiree party of 2021. I promise.

Have friends bring a disposable camera (#throwback) and make amazing memories together. This is, after all, a chance to eat good food, hang with your favorite people, and enjoy the last bit of summer together. 


Often, our mental health suffers when we don’t take care of ourselves, do things that WE are passionate about, and see those that we love. 

Gone (hopefully) are the days of only sitting at our home office desks, wearing our sweats for the third time this week, and asking your dog to grab you another seltzer. 

Take this chance to re-energize your creative side! Pinterest has exactly 1 million ideas on where you can start if you need more help planning (including our page). You deserve to be surrounded by friends, family, and beautiful flowers. 

Give The Hidden Garden a call today and let’s get your soiree started.

Call Today!




Dahlia Season


Dahlia Season is Here!

Welcome, Dahlias!

Beautiful and unmistakable, these blooms were thought to be named after Anders Dahl; a Swedish botanist but are native to Mexico and Central America. There are currently about 60,000 named varieties, ranging in size, color, and classification.

Here’s What You Need To Know

Dahlias are full-sun flowers that bloom in the Summer and at the beginning of Autumn. They range in colors like orange, pink, purple, white, yellow and red as well as multicolor! Related to sunflowers, chrysanthemum, zinnias and daisies, these flowers can range from 2-in petites to 15-in "dinner plates!"


Here are a few more facts:

  • Their petals are actually called florets.
  • You can find dahlias in almost any color except blue.
  • Both dahlia flowers and tubers (the parts by the roots) are edible. The tubers taste like a cross between a potato and a radish.
  • In the language of flowers, also known as "florography," dahlias represent dignity.
  • The dahlia was declared the national flower of Mexico in 1963.
  • Dahlias use their vibrant blooms to attract pollinating insects since they don't have strong floral scents.

Oooh, what else is there to know?

The Old Farmer's Almanac states that "The American Dahlia Society recognizes 15 different colors and color combinations. Here are some popular choices:

  • ‘Bishop of Llandaff’: small, scarlet, intense flowers with handsome, dark-burgundy foliage
  • ‘Miss Rose Fletcher’: an elegant, spiky, pink cactus plant with 6-inch globes of long, quilled, shell-pink petals
  • ‘Bonne Esperance’, aka ‘Good Hope’: a foot-tall dwarf that bears 1-½-inch, rosy-pink flowers all summer that are reminiscent of Victorian bedding dahlias (though it debuted in 1948)
  • ‘Kidd’s Climax’: the ultimate in irrational beauty with 10-inch “dinner plate” flowers with hundreds of pink petals suffused with gold
  • ‘Jersey’s Beauty’: a 7-foot tall pink plant with hand-size flowers that brings great energy to the fall garden.

So Now You Know...

...that you need to run over to your local farmers market or Trader Joe's to get yourself a handful to create your very own bouquet!


 The Hidden Garden