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The Art Behind Sending Flowers

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The Art Behind Sending Flowers

There's a science to it


It's often said, "Money can't buy us happiness." Yet, we've come to terms with the fact that smaller comforts, such as receiving flowers, can easily change the trajectory of our entire day. In our long-standing tradition, we've accompanied flowers with "I'm sorry's," "I miss you," and "happy birthdays." 

But have we ever thought about the why behind the gesture? Why do we attach flowers to moments that mean something to us? How can a simple bouquet of white tulips or blushing pink roses change our entire attitude?


los angeles flower delivery


The emotional impact of receiving flowers is evident; they are usually gifted as a surprise and bring about delighted smiles, hugs, and warm feelings of gratitude. To be kindly thought about by another feels like a fond connection, something more of us crave in this fast-paced, digital world. 

And now we know that it's scientifically proven that flowers boost our happiness levels, thanks to Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Rutgers University and the director of its Human Emotions Lab. 

Her studies have shown that flowers offer long-term positive effects, engaging the recipients in more happiness, less anxiety, and a higher sense of satisfaction. Studies also have shown that when we display gifted flowers, we often put them in spaces that are meant to be shared: foyers, dining tables, and living rooms. Not only do we feel a beautiful connection and sense of love when we receive flowers, we often turn around and place them in spaces to welcome others to share in those feelings as well.



Whether it's your significant other, a family member, a friend, or even a business colleague, sending flowers is one of the best ways to show how much you care about them. 

This is part of what we do daily at The Hidden Garden. When you start searching for your Valentine's Day arrangement to send, consider that you're not just sending flowers. 

The Hidden Garden offers more than luxurious flower arrangements. We offer a chance at connection and true happiness. And what could be a better gift than that?

Call or visit our website today to set up your Los Angeles flower delivery. 

6 Ways To Make Your Home A Hygge Haven


6 Ways To Make Your Home A Hygge Haven

Imagine a cold winter night cozied up inside with a hot drink, warm under a quilt, soft music playing in the background. You aren't meant to be anywhere, you have dinner simmering and a feeling of contentment. This isn't a movie — this is Hygge. Hygge is the Danish idea of comfort, and it entails experiencing simple pleasures, warmth, happiness, and togetherness.

Many people within Scandinavian and Nordic countries have been practicing Hygge for decades, but it's become more popular recently thanks to the rise of minimalist design, mindfulness, and slow living. A perfect time to integrate this into your home is during the winter season when the days are long, low temperatures and less sun can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Hygge can be incorporated into every aspect of your life, including your home but how do you make your home a hygge haven? We have ten ideas to get you started:


1. Lighting

Hygge can be described as a feeling or mood rather than one singular thing, style, or design aesthetic. That being said, an easy first step into creating the hygge experience is lighting. People who hate "The Big Light" rejoice, for this is a crucial step when creating this particular cozy factor.

Embrace table lamps with warm amber-colored bulbs, candle light (unscented), or light from your fireplace. No fireplace? No worries! Switch on Netflix and search "fireplace," where soothing sounds and phantom heat awaits.


2. Nature

Fresh air during the cold months is essential, but some of us simply don't enjoy negative-degree weather (or LA's measly lows of 45°). Bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural materials into your home.

Use pinecones for decor, pop handfuls of Baby's Breath to fill the empty spots in your Christmas tree, stuff your vases with fresh herbs (like rosemary sprigs) and place them throughout your home for an aromatic touch, or have The Hidden Garden deliver a custom winter wonderland arrangement for your home.


3. Togetherness

The word "hygge" can translate to "cozy," but it's also about being comfortable with yourself and the people around you. It's spending time with family and friends, enjoying candlelight, and having a warm drink—all things that help us relax and unwind. It's not only about being cozy; it's also about being present in the moment, taking care of yourself and others, and focusing on what matters most— your health!

Schedule board game nights, movie nights with hot chocolate, or have family and friends over not just because it's the holidays but because you enjoy their presence. This includes the hard habit of staying off your phone and being more present with those around you.


4. Self-Care and Hobbies

To make your home a hygge haven, you need to find time for self-care and hobbies—and we’re not talking about Netflix binges here. Self-care is about treating yourself well to be the best version of yourself. Hobbies are what you enjoy doing in your free time. You can have as many or as few as you like, but having one or two will help you stay mentally healthy and happy.

When you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just plain tired, it's easy to forget that you are also a person. You have hobbies and interests! You like to treat yourself to something delicious or fun every once in a while. You have things that make you happy, which aren't related to your job.

When you get home from work, however, it can be hard to remember who you are outside of what you do for a living. If your life is all about work and no play, there's no room for the other parts of your personality to shine through.

The way to combat this is simple: set aside time for self-care and hobbies. Schedule it so your brain recognizes the importance of it; whether it's 20 minutes a day or an hour once a week, don't forget to enjoy the little things in life that make us human. Anything from reading books on a rainy day, to meeting your partner at an art museum, or finally writing out a story you've had on your mind.


5. Texture and Warmth

As silly as it sounds, blankets and cushions are must-haves. To curl up with a blanket (even if you’re not cold) to get cozy is very hyggeligt (hygge-like).

Regarding cushions, they might not be your thing but can be reserved for our favorite floor sitters, aka the ones who can’t get close enough to the fireplace. Large or small, cushions are essential for comfort.

At the end of the day, hygge, cozy, comfort (whatever you want to call it) is about taking your responsible, burnt out/ overworked adult and giving them a break. It’s about experiencing happiness through simple pleasures and knowing that everything is going to be ok. And sometimes sitting under a blanket is enough to feel that. Try adding in a few earthly toned throws onto your sofa and see if you can resist them!


6. Food and Drink

Hygge is a beautiful reminder to slow down and about being kind to yourself, especially around food during the holidays.

Gone are the days of investing in juice cleanses so you can eat your holiday meals "guilt-free." That is not hygge. Sweets are hygge. Coffee cake and hot chocolate are hygge. Carrot sticks? Not so much.

“Something sinful is an integral component of the hygge ritual. But it should not be something fancy or extravagant".” Meik Wiking (CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen)

If a CEO of a happiness research program is telling us that we need to focus more on comfort food, then we should listen! A vegetable stew is hygge. Popcorn and warm drinks are hygge. Baking pastries is hygge. No December is complete without warm beverages to help you stay cozy (preferably with friends around a fire or with a blanket and your favorite book- sounding familiar?). The more rustic it is, the more hygge! Are we getting it now?


Hygge is about happiness and finding that happiness in the small moments and actions we do for ourselves and our families.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cake, and that is almost the same thing…”.

And we couldn't agree more.

The Hidden Garden is here to help you boost your hygge at home. So take these six tips into consideration while you start to decorate and plan your holiday festivities.

Remember to do as the Scandinavians/Nords do and enjoy the simple things in life









The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Tree Decorating

 The Hidden Garden - A Floral Guide Series


The Hidden Garden's Insider Guide to Christmas Tree Decorating. Your Step-by-Step Design for a Simple, Stunning, and Stress-Free Holiday.


Are your holiday decorations lacking that certain something? You can decorate that Christmas tree like a pro in no time. Sip cocoa, dream of snow, and enjoy this exclusive preview to The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Tree Decorating from the Hidden Garden's CEO, Amy Marella.


1. Start by Shaping


You had a blast picking out the perfect tree with friends and family. Your next step is to shape it! Some trees come a bit on the wild side, and while this step is potentially messy, it helps establish a strong and lush-looking tree. While deciding your theme, shaping your tree will also help sturdy out the thinner branches (especially at the bottom).

For those who have "forever trees" (aka fake trees), you have more flexibility when maneuvering your branches...so take advantage of that!


2. Create a Theme


To create a professionally decorated tree, you need to choose a theme. Whatever it may be, it creates a unified look and ties the entire tree together. Here are a few ideas to base it off of:

  • Color scheme

  • "Winter Wonderland"

  • "The Great Outdoors"

  • Personal ornament collection

  • Travel/ favorite hobbies.

Some themes are more ceremonious and precise; others can be whimsical and natural. For the former, find inspiration through wired ribbons and dazzling ornaments. For the latter, forage through your local park to help bring the outdoors in. Need more inspo? Check out our Pinterest for more ideas for Christmas trees, wedding florals, and Bar/t Mitzvahs ideas!


3. Lights (Camera), Action!


We're going to save you the frustration now: check that your lights work first! 

You're welcome. 

Now that we've covered that, here are our top two light tricks:

  • Dependant on the tree, start your lights at the bottom of the tree and circle your way upwards


  • Start at the bottom and work your way up and down, weaving in and out of the branches.

We like option #1 for thinner and taller trees while we save #2 for when we have a tree with more depth- so we don't lose our lights within the tree.

Also, depending on the theme for your tree (or just personal preference), you can choose from warmer, cooler, or colored lights! We like to match our warmer lights with gold and red themes; cooler lights with our "wintery" looks (we skip colored lights, but you choose what brings you the most joy).


4. Ornaments


No matter how perfectly curated, ornaments can look messy if you don't approach them correctly. Here are a few suggestions to help them look their best:

  • Decorate in Sections

To decorate like a professional, take your Christmas tree into sections: top, middle, and bottom. Then, style them one at a time, starting from the top and working your way down. 

  • Cluster Ornaments

Add flair to your display with ornament clusters —for example, group ornaments of the same design together for a classic look. Otherwise, use different styles to add texture and depth. Amy also suggests combining different sizes for a bolder statement.

  • Strategically Placed Ornaments

At the end of the day, there are no actual rules for hanging ornaments. However, we tend to begin with more oversized ornaments and tuck them deeper within the foliage to add depth. When you try this method, you can achieve a beautiful, layered look. On the other hand, hanging smaller ornaments on the tips of the branches achieves a draping effect (it all comes back to your theme).


5. Mind the Gap...


As a floral shop, our favorite way to fill in any gaps in our Christmas trees is to fill them with seasonal or dried flowers. Choose berries, flowers, or pinecones to bring a more natural feel to your tree (bonus points if it's from your yard). For dried flowers, try Baby's Breath, bunches of Bunny Tail, or Craspedia flowers (aka billy balls) for a pop of color. If you chose a more formal theme, fill your gaps with preserved oak leaves and magnolia leaves or skip altogether and do the ribbon! If you choose the ribbon, decorate with it first to create a layered look, avoiding overlapping with other decorations.


6. Tree Topper


Top off your design with a tree topper to compliment your theme. If you have a tradition of having your family's picture on top of the tree, then use this as an opportunity to make a new tie to your past. For example, if your grandparents are from Germany, add some fun German decor like a Nutcracker or Christmas tree light-up garland. Custom toppers (i.e., bows, ribbons, a baby Yoda) add fun personality to your tree, but familial toppers are always our favorite to see!


7. Tree Skirt


To finalize this yuletide caroling, set the perfect backdrop for presents (and an easy clean-up method) with a tree skirt. These come in many materials, so choose one that...does what?? Yes, suits your theme! You've got it- we're so proud of you! If you're looking for a more rustic look, try a burlap tree skirt. For something more elegant and festive, opt for velvet or satin. And if you're feeling artsy and have the time and skills, consider making your own with fabric remnants.





Thought we'd leave you hanging? NO WAY! 

Here are HG's 5 favorite ways to keep your tree fresh for longer


  1. Trim the trunk before putting it in freshwater (all that sap inside will try to rescue the cut at the bottom, which will prohibit the water from being soaked up). Please be cautious with your saws, friends. 


  2. Put the tree in water as soon as possible —we teach this in our weekly Bucket of Blooms videos that everything needs a fresh cut to get as much water as possible.


  3. Fresh water daily or every other day (you knew this one, of course).


  4. Be cautious of heat sources (aka, don't place your tree next to a heater).


  5. Turn off the lights when leaving the room (similar to #4, we need to remember with all the extra electricity to be safe with how close our trees are to our ceiling lights). 


Take these top Hidden Garden techniques to help you create a professional Christmas tree worthy of a compliment from St. Nicholas himself. Cheers and happy holidays to our entire floral community!


Always Keep Blooming,





Monarch Beach Resort: The Perfect Spot For A Dream Wedding

The Hidden Garden - A Floral Guide Series


A Dream Jewish Wedding at

Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point



Images by Jenny Quicksall Photography


Enchanting, bold beauty with a soft, romantic Italian garden touch. That's what Carina and Jordan had in mind when booking The Hidden Garden for their dream wedding on October 22nd at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California.

From the start, the details of the ceremony were absolutely stunning. From the gorgeous chuppah with its bespoke floral canopy, brimming with eucalyptus, roses, and hydrangea, to the captivating aisle arrangements and bridal bouquet, no detail went untouched for these perfect wedding florals.

These details were carried over into their reception space, where guests enjoyed dinner under a lush barrel vault of olive greenery, blushing dahlia, and dusty roses, accompanied by decadently lit chandeliers that perfectly complemented the mood. Others savored in the delicate shades of pink and gold tables while looking upon the gracefully adorned head table.

The couple's love for each other was unmistakable as they shared their first dance under a ceiling of soft light and fairytale-like larkspur. 

Dreaming of your own breathtaking wedding florals? Click HERE to have The Hidden Garden Team take your dream wedding flowers and make them a reality.





Florals: The Hidden Garden

Photography: Jenny Quicksall Photography

Creative Director: Natalie from A Good Affair

Venue: Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort