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Everyday Easy Flower Arrangement Ideas


Spring is officially here and we are all slowly starting to stretch ourselves out of our winter slump.

We might not be able to entertain just yet but now is the PERFECT time to dust off your shelves, revitalize the energy in your home and awaken the creative in you. Remember, with the amount of time we spend inside, we have to continually surround ourselves with inspiration...if for nothing else than our mental health!

After your havoc-sprung spring cleaning (no? just me?), finalizing with flowers can immediately improve the decor and feeling of that space.

You all know my passion for florals at this point and know that I usually work with bouquets on a (nearly) daily basis...but having fresh flowers in your home doesn't have to be a big or costly ordeal! It truly just takes a few steps; here's what I suggest:


 1. Go to your local farmers market (yay for buying locally!) or grocery store and buy any type of flowers or greenery.


2. Find some sort of vase or vessel in your cupboard (I know you've been hoarding your cute recyclable jars).


3. Add water and half the flower food (if they didn't come with flower food then add a *drop* of bleach).


4. Give your flower ends a fresh cut and place them in and voila!



There you have it! An easy, instant upgrade to your room’s decor. Make sure to check out my 5 easy hacks for your at-home arrangement for a more in-depth look on making those flowers last longer.


Cheers! And happy Spring!








The Bloom Academy Announcement!

Welcome to Hidden Garden's Newest Addition:

The Bloom Academy!

Our newest online resource and shop for in-home arrangements!
Happy Friday, floral friends! It's been so fun creating bouquets with you from the comfort of your home. I know that our Bucket of Bloom’s have been a fun and creative way to get in touch with nature, get out of our heads (and maybe out of our comfort zones) and focus on something beautiful for a while.
I have loved being able to offer this to our local community but I realized that our outreach was very limited, due to local delivery!
After some strategizing, planning, and a lot of creation, we at HG developed a brand new program to help brighten even more people’s days! Introducing our newest addition, The Bloom Academy!
“Ok, so what’s the difference, then?”
How amazing is that?! We are THRILLED to be able to serve more of our community and more of the country (mind blown!).
There you have it! From instant access to our online video vault, how-to guides, entry to our private Facebook group, interactive Q&A Zoom, and more! Consider The Bloom Academy your one-stop shop for all at-home floral design.
Now let's get blooming!



Your Guide to Professional DIY Flower Arrangements

You've been looking left and right for the perfect way to create professional-looking flowers at home. Whether you need some office inspiration or just a spark of joy in your dining room, we have AMAZING news!

The Hidden Garden in Los Angeles, California offers a local, hands-on subscription service called Bucket of Blooms that helps you become the floral designer we know you can be!

So what exactly is it? Our Bucket of Blooms is a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly subscription service of select flowers delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Choose from our Premium Blooms or House Blooms, which are delivered in custom buckets filled with water and flower food. Within each bucket, we select the freshest seasonal blooms from locally sourced farms and farms around the world.

Alongside the arrival of your curated collection of beautiful flowers, we will provide you with an online video class with our founder, Amy Marella, who will guide you step-by-step through the floral design process (not available for House Blooms). 

And that's it! It's truly that simple! If you find yourself short a pair of shears, floral tape or vases, we also have those in stock for you to round out your designing experience. 

Our Bucket of Blooms experience has been one of our favorite things to do for our local LA community and we have plans to expand our membership online this year! So follow along on our social media to be the first in line and we'll see you soon!

Check out our main site for more details here!


Cheers and see you next week!











How To Create A 5 Step DIY Floral Arrangement


Welcome back to another week of beautiful blooms! This week I wanted to help you create a DIY floral arrangement with easy steps and minimal items.

This tutorial only needs 6 items and should only take you 15-20 minutes once you have everything in front of you. See? Easy, you've got this. Now let's get designing!

Here are the listed items you'll need before you start:

-Green floral tape

-A packet of flower food

-Fresh water


-A glass/ceramic vase

-Your chosen flowers!

If you don't have green floral tape today, no worries! Just regular scotch tape works great in its place.

Now let's get started!



Start by creating a 'tic-tac-toe,' grid with the tape across the top. 2-3 lines will be just fine for your grid, depending on the diameter of your vase.


Step 2: Water and Food

Add your fresh water, leaving about a 1/4 space at the top (we don't want to be splashing our water while creating). Then take your flower food and add half the packet. Set aside the other half of the packet. Remember, this step is simply to kill any bacteria in the water, so if you don't have any flower food, a drop of bleach will do the trick! Neat, right??


Step 3: Think as you design

Before and during your design, think about where you want to place your flowers. As we start to get to our last steps, we're going to need to think "where are my flowers going next?" Take time to rotate your container and see any spots that you want filled! This way, we keep the freshly cut stems in the water and happily hydrated.


Step 4: Grab your sharp clippers and add your flowers!

I'm starting my greenery base with kale, which was so fun to use. In the case you can't raid your fridge for extra greenery, here are a few you could find at your local store: fern leaves, silver dollar eucalyptus, or Myrtle. Stick them in your grid and start to crisscross the stems to create the "base." Please don't forget to ALWAYS keep your stems free of leaves and give them a fresh cut before inserting into the container.

Next: Your main flowers. In my video I use lisianthus, wasabi roses, and white tulips. What you want to go for is a "filling flower," so you have lots of options, such as rose, peony, gardenia, or hydrangea! You can use a few as I did or simply choose one of your favorites. Give it a fresh cut and start to tighten up your grid while you crisscross these into your forming bouquet.

Finally: your detail flowers! These can truly be anything to finish up your flower arrangement. Big or small, tall or hanging, you want to use these to fill in the rest of the "holes." I added a few dill flower stems and snowberries to bring height to this bouquet. 



Step 5: Fill up the rest of the water!

To finalize, top off your vessel with fresh water! In a few days time, add more water with the rest of your flower food packet to make the most of your bouquet (check out my favorite tips to long-lasting bouquets here)!


And voila! You have your very own DIY flower arrangement! It's really that simple. As time goes on, make sure you're trying new flowers and greenery in your at-home bouquets and make sure to check out The Bloom Academy, where you have access to all of our step by step videos! We do them every week!








5 Simple Hacks for Your Home Floral Arrangement


Today I'm sharing my top 5 floral arranging tips to help anyone trying to create a beautiful, long lasting arrangement. As we all know, sometimes they seemingly wilt overnight but with these tricks, yours can last for much longer!



1. Always Give Your Stems a Fresh Cut Before Placing in Water

Seems obvious, yes? I know. When you're arranging your flowers, you might have all the steps down but THIS one! Don’t be afraid to move things around as you arrange, however, you need to remember that if you take something out, you must give it a fresh cut before reinserting it. Never cut a stem and leave it out, either!




Another seemingly obvious one. If you're part of the Bloom Academy, you've watched me strip the bottom of the stems since the beginning. Why? It's because leaves can breed bacteria in the water which shortens the lifespan of your bouquet!

Additionally, your flower food (or a drop of bleach if you're in a pinch) will help keep your flowers alive; it kills the bacteria in the water that makes your bouquet wilt!




Now, I know you just spent all that time and patience creating this bouquet. Why are we placing it outside? Let me ask you this: when you walk into any flower shop or store, where are the flowers? In/around a fridge area! Make sure to leave your flowers in a "cool place," during the day (not next to the heat or fireplace). At night, pop them outside (if it's 40 degrees) and it will serve as a natural fridge for the flowers!




Don’t be afraid to pick containers that apply to your aesthetic. This will bring everything together and make the flowers really sit in unity with your home. Allow yourself to have a handful of staples so that you don’t feel obligated to only use glass.



5. Guard Petals

I couldn't NOT let you guys in on this. If you don't know, when large shipments of florals arrive in shops and stores all over, they have what we refer to as "guard petals." At Hidden Garden Flowers, we actually keep these petals on so that they are protected while they’re on the way to you! Just know when it comes to arranging in store, we take them off to showcase the beauty of the flower. 





Flowers love water just like we love air....make sure they have enough! And don't forget you give yourself some fresh air today too. We are all just houseplants, after all.