Aisle Decor Ideas for Your Special Day

For the brides who are looking for inspiration on how to create a gorgeous aisle for their wedding day, look no more! Here are some beautiful ideas and designs that we have had the pleasure of creating for our brides, and would love to share them with you.  
 Looking to have pops of color on your wedding day? This aisle is for you! We created this beauty with various colored rose petals scattered throughout the aisle runway to give it an ombre look.
For this wedding, the bride wanted more of an elegant look; with blush and white tones. We had bouquets adorning both sides of the aisle, and white petals scattered  up and down the aisle.
If you are interested in more of a minimalistic look, but still has that grandiose appearance, this aisle is it! With beautiful wisteria covering the ceiling, you will feel absolutely magical going down the aisle!
Another unique, yet beautiful way to create your wedding aisle, would be to add candle lanterns into the mix, to give it more of a romantic feel.

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