Bucket Of Blooms
Every 4 Weeks


Embrace the beauty of fresh flowers with a Bucket of Blooms delivered right to your door! 

Each week our founder, Amy Marella, selects the freshest, seasonal blooms locally sourced from neighboring farms and from around the world such as Holland, Ecuador and Italy.  

These premium blooms are prepped by our pro-team with a fresh trim and delivered in custom buckets filled with water and flower food. This means your flowers are ready to arrange on arrival and you can rest assured your blooming beauties are healthy and hydrated for optimal longevity.   

Video tutorials are delivered straight to your inbox and offer step-by-step guidance from Amy Marella. Each tutorial is created to be fun and informative and to build your floral design confidence, even if you’re just starting out with floral arrangement!

Note: Photo is just a sample of what a week floral collection looks like, every week the selection will change 


Frequency of Delivery 

This product ships once every 4 weeks on Thursday. Orders must be placed by 3 PM PST on the Sunday prior to your Thursday delivery.